Aleph One: Pathways Into Darkness

Aleph One: Pathways Into Darkness is a full port of the 1993 Mac game, "Pathways Into Darkness" created by Bungie, to the Aleph One engine. Aleph One is a cross platform engine, therefore this version of Pathways Into Darkness can be played on Windows, Mac or Linux. Since Aleph One is a different engine than the original, there are a few things slightly different from the original, but overall I tried to make this as accurate a port as I possibly could.

Like the original game, this port features:

Download it here. If that site isn't working, here.

screen 1
screen 1
screen 1

Pathways Into Darkness for Windows

Pathways Into Darkness for Mac

Pathways Into Darkness for Linux

Aleph One is open source, so this port works cross platform! Bugnie's 1993 Mac game can now be played by everyone.

Download the port.

Alternate download.