Files for DcBob (Johannes Gunnar)

Nitro Court Revisited v1.0

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Apr 17, 2006

a port from 2002 of an old Minf map i made long time ago. a small deathmatch map perfect for 2-4 people, max 6.

Pfhortress 1.0

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Aug 19, 2005

hard to describe this map...

Pfhew Hours and Fifteen Years 2.0

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Aug 19, 2005

a map with high and low areas and platforms to reach them, this map can be pretty tricky but with some practice you'll get hold of it.

v2.0 changes
minor light effects added, drone hole deleted, merged, monsters deleted and fixed the flow in the "rocket tower".

Diving High Nuts 1.0

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Aug 19, 2005

A map with three pools and one of the pools acting as a hill. You can choose, climb up for more guns or climb down for the hill. I personally like the layout of this map but the flow didn't work like i wanted it to work like. note that i idn't make the lightning realistic, i just made it "cool". :P

Jungle Tech 1.5

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Aug 19, 2005

A little simple maze like map usign the water texture set. previously in the "DcBob's Map Pack".

v1.5 changes
Retextured some areas and improved weapon and baddie placement/spawning.

Hail to the Hammer v1.0

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Aug 19, 2005

This map has the ability to change itselfs layout a little, there are three switches located somewhere in this map, with them you can choose if you want to fight in tight areas or in big open areas. If you can't choose which one you would like then these switches are always good for crushing your enemies.

Known bugs: The switches to change the layout of the map are very fragily, if you tap them repeatly then the results will be that the map layout will be messed up and people acn get stuck.I tried to fix this bug by using Plat Former but my Plat Former experience is very limited so that was out of the question. The only thing i could was reduce the danger of this happening, i did that by making some of the platforms a lot faster.

Space Fries v1.0

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Aug 19, 2005

An arena type of map that works kinda like thunderdome. With the map comes a physic model called Carnage Fries and I suggest you to use it cause it can get really fun in multiplayer. Is probably insane. :)

The Great Temple of Madness 1.0

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Aug 19, 2005

A very small map with two stories, the basment and the outside area. Well maybe not area, it is too small to be called an area. So yeah, this is tiny.

Kito Carnage 3.0

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Jul 18, 2005

A circular map with a water column in the middle that is filled with Submachineguns so you are well equipped for water fights. The outer column gives you some ammo and heavy weaponry. This is the first map I ever released on the internet and i've always been kinda proud of it.

Version 3.0 Changes
fixed some things noted in ratings over at fileball. Thank you Blake for starting this "rating campaign" and rate my map along with the others. Thanks to you. So, i added some little more ammo and tweaked the ammo respawn rate. Retextured some minor things but the main gameplay change would that i made the water container A LOT shorter. So instead of this huge water column reaching up into the sky you get a reasonable water column you will be able to fight in instead of getting lost in.

Version 2.5 Changes
Fixed weapon respawn rate a little, fiddled with lights and texturing a little too.

Kaboom-a-world 1.5

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Jul 01, 2005

Are you ready for blastoff?! What happens when bunch of players are thrown into a crazy KOTH. Not only do you need to run as fast as you can towards the hill while dodging enemy bullets. You have to dodge hundreds of endless, falling, exploding, assimilated BoBs all around you. Watch out for chain reactions. It's raining men! Hallelujah...

Version 1.5 Changes
More BoB's, more ammo, more carnage!

DcBob´s Map Pack v1.0

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Dec 21, 2001

This is a little collection of netmaps that i have been storing on my HD for some time now, so ignore the creation date cause i don´t remember when i did this. This map pack includes the maps:
- Dogfight Netpack (9 level netpack)
- The Great Temple Of Madness
- Jungle Tech
I dont remember the names of the maps in dogfight netpack but this netpack is not the same version as can be found in the archives at, this version has 2 minor bugs fixed. I hope you enjoy my creation.
***End Of Transmission***

Arthur vs. Makbeth 1.5

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Dec 03, 2000

A huge map, several large, open areas connected by tight, twisting corridors. Lots and lots of baddies for solo play - maybe too many for net play (they all regenerate) - you get baddie jams in hallways. Otherwise, an interesting level - some fun strategy stuff can be done.

Worked a little bit on layout and made some hallways a little bit bigger so it would be harder to get stuck or confused.

Pfhor Years and Seven Months 1.5

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Nov 15, 2000

Mostly dark, and mostly underwater (okay, sewage). A few walkways on the surface... beware of grenades knocking you off. Plenty of ammo, but no O2... so you gotta kill each other before you run out. (Shouldn't be too hard.)

v1.5 changes
added some sounds and deleted ugly terminal and some other minor fixes.

Dogfight Netpack 2.0

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Jul 10, 2000

9 maps, 6 large, 3 medium/small. A few minor problems, but all in all, decent flow, lots of weapons/ammo, varied layouts. If your group is looking for new netmaps, you should find some good stuff in here.

v2.0 changes
lots of bugs fixed, and added few sounds and worked a little bit on lightning.

Dogfight Netpack 3 is in the works, it will be completely revised, lots of new maps and so on! stay tuned!

Garden Hill 1.5

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Jun 07, 2000

Another huge arena (better suited for the Aleph One engine, which won't smear with distances like this). A huge courtyard surrounds a large double-layered tower. Tight on ammo, but plenty of room to run.

v1.5 changes
Added sounds, fixed and changed few textures, added monsters adn worked a little bit on the weapon placement/respawn.

Pool of Happyness

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — Jun 07, 2000

A large, sewage-filled arena with some tunnels around the outside. Slight smearing problems (nonexistent under Aleph One). Weapons are all around the outside ring, so head right out at the start.

Broadcasting Carnage 1.5

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — May 24, 2000

"A huge open waterfilled arena, with a funky cross in the center. So big that you get smearing under Infinity (although it plays fine under Aleph One). Ammo is a bit tight (would be okay for two or three, but the map is big enough for 5+). Some fun untextured wall tricks. Flow needs work."

v1.5 changes
Layout fixed for better flow and few textures fixed. Hill made bigger and i added a ball into the map so you can all play KTMWTB

Kito Carnage

DcBob (Johannes Gunnar) — May 12, 2000

Very simple map, with a large water column in the middle (it's where you start), an opening to the outside ring about halfway up, and a wall surrounding it that you can climb for bigger weapons.