Files for DIeselfame3

Arms Race (PIT OF HELL) v4.5

DIeselfame3 — May 31, 2005

This is probably the last update for Arms Race, as you might know my friends and I are working on a new scenario called "Starship Marathon". Although I will spend most of my time on SM, I will be making some more Net Maps in the future. :)

Arms Race & Read Me v4.0

DIeselfame3 — Apr 30, 2005

Finally I have most of the bugs worked out on this map, I fixed the sounds so you should be hearing them better. I also ajusted the celing higth in the PIT OF HELL so that hopefully the Juggernaughts attack you more than once..
Email me if you like it plz.

Arms Race & Read Me v3.0

DIeselfame3 — Apr 27, 2005

Same as 2.0 but this one has a read me.