Files for Djof

DMMR-ChironLT-21 v1.0

Djof — May 28, 2004

This is a map that started as a conversion of the Halo multiplayer map ChironTL-34 to UT. When I started working on it I thought it'd be more fun set in the noir style of Marathon the first and played with M:R. The final product is loosely based on the original model and feels like a mix of Mars Needs Women and What Goes Up.

You'll find elevators to ride, columns to duck behind, and teleporters that link half a dozen small rooms. The gameplay is twitch fast and non-linear. Enjoy.

Original mesh by Mad Cow, made battle ready by Djof.

DMMR - Se7enth Sky v0.9

Djof — Mar 22, 2002

Thank you for downloading my map, I hope you enjoy it. Note that the map is not final and probably won't before Marathon: Resurrection is.

Special thanks to those who helped me with UnrealEd and to those who helped me test the map.

Update: Looks like UT don't like dots in filename... to the first few who downloaded the map, please remove the dot fromt the file name of the map so it looks like: