Files for doughnut

Terminal Carnage v1.0

doughnut — Jul 01, 2001

This was originally my submissiong to's Simplici7y Competition. The object of this competition was to create a map with only seven polygons. This is what I accomplished.

It's not very good and, obviously, didn't win. I'm only submitting it to the Marathon community for... Well, I can't think of a good reason right now but I'm sure I'll think of one later.

Lumpy Milk v1.0

doughnut — Apr 18, 2001

A small canyon with the Hill in the middle. There are 2 obvious ways to get to the Hill, and one way that you'll find hard to defend yourself from... A teleporter.

There are no secrets here, so everything is out in the open.

You might find yourself tempted to go for the bigger guns, but remember there might be more important things you should be worried about... Like Hill or Ball time.

Special thanks to OogaBooga who was kind enough to texture and add light to this map.

Moon Games v1.2

doughnut — Mar 31, 2001

This was my first map that I released. We enjoyed testing/playing it. I've included 2 films of our play testing adventures into the magical lands of carnage.

There is nothing complex about this map, it's all what you see is what you get. The only way someone can hide from you in this map, is by hiding around a corner. So remember to go into every room with a fresh clip

4 way games were enjoyable, but there were moments where some of us were doing nothing. I'd suggest games from 6 people for ultimate enjoyment.