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Pfhor Dance v1.0

Ernie — Aug 11, 2003

Pfhor Dance- Dance!

A small .mov file I created back in 2002. Using the same model from my first work 'Marathon Animated Short' --but with a revamped texture. Pretty funny.

-Blayne Scott

M A R A T H O N : The 3D Animated short v1.0

Ernie — Jul 03, 2001

M A R A T H O N : The Animated short

What it's all about:
This is the result of half of a semester of work in my high school 3D Animation/modeling class. To create something unique, I decided to create a short movie taking place in the Marathon universe.

This movie is a animated short, about a 1 min and 1/2 long. It features the Cybernetic Marine we all know and love, along with a familiar friend.
One guess, rhymes with, uh... "m'ore". ;-)

To my surprise, I completed it!

Help for viewing:

If you are viewing this AVI file on a IBM, I don't think you will have any trouble, since it is compressed using the Indeo 5.0.4 video compressor. The codec will most likely download automatically from Microsoft.

If you are on a Macintosh under OS 8 or 9, you will need to download the Indeo Video plugin version 5 from It can be found here:

Please note: As of yet there is no Indeo Codec support for Mac OSX yet. Sorry. To view it, boot into Classic, and download the codec from Versiontracker.

The file you can download here IS an avi file, but compressed in a .zip format due to the format the file posting process requires.

Thanks goes out to:

I'd like to thank Frigidman for the use of his Marathon Marine texture, and my assumption that the M:Open Source people won't break my knees for using their textures from the texture enhancement project in my animated short. ;-)
The music was made by Digital Droo. (Amazing stuff, buy his CD's at

All that other information:

I still have all the source models and textures I created to people on the net if there is a demand for them. Rhino, a NURBS based modeler ( was used for all the modeling.
All animation and rendering was done in 3D Studio Max, version 3. All post effects (titles and all those bell and whistles) were done in Adobe Premier.

Have fun,
Ernie (