Files for ForceMorph

Marathon 4: The C-Files Redux v2

ForceMorph — Feb 01, 2003

The C-Files is a bunch of levels strung together, made by a couple of kids experimenting with Forge for the first time. The levels aren't that great, but it can be used to test your Marathon endurance, since there are no save terms, or terminals at all.

The Redux version puts the levels in their originally-intended linear path instead of the first release's chaos, plus adds an introduction level to the beginning.

The second installment of the series, Cyle Returns, is far better. It actually includes a story line, terminals, decent maps, etc.

Marathon: Cyle Returns v1.1

ForceMorph — Aug 25, 2002

Marathon: Cyle Returns is the sequel to Marathon 4: The C-Files. This is a scenario set after the days of Durandal, but now you are in the hands of another, more powerful, experimental AI known as 'Cyle'. He takes you around space and time just to use you as his play toy. In the end you are more than just a play toy to him...

File includes a Lightsaber Weapon Add-On, Manual, and map.