Files for Gareth Wood

Chai'etra Infinitus for SDL v1.0

Gareth Wood — Apr 14, 2002

A port of "Chai'etra Infinitus" from the Infinity to the Aleph One SDL format. A combination of The Chai'etra Saga, The Hammer of the Gods and Fallen Angel all put together by Gareth Wood. Included, is a Shapes file with the M.A.D.D. patch (made by Quartz) applied, which is vital to this game and really makes these levels unique. Grab this one!

Chai'etra Infinitus

Gareth Wood — Jan 28, 1998

A combination of The Chai'etra Saga, The Hammer of the Gods and Fallen Angel all put together and ported over for Infinity. The M.A.D.D. patch is vital to this game, (made by Quartz) and really makes these levels unique. A great download!

"FALLEN ANGEL: The Chai'etra Saga, Pt 3 3

Gareth Wood — Jun 19, 1997

We had part one, then part two and now part three. The time that this author puts in on a map, well, it should give you some insight on just how dedicated he is to his work. AND It has paid off!! With this installment you get 8 levels. Typical of this author is that you rarely see a standard door or corner or even a wall! Detail is everywhere and you get a appreciation for it after just the first level. Puzzles are good and bugs, well, I couldn't find any. There are secrets and secret terminals. So, make sure to take your time. Great artwork and some that was very familiar to Roger Dean and his Yes years. You have to use Quartz' Madd Shapes Patch for this game to work. Don't worry, it comes with the package. Always save and backtrack to see if something has changed since your last visit. Another great solo scenario. Get this one too!!

The Chai'etra Saga

Gareth Wood — Feb 13, 1997

A four level scenario that has some great construction ideas. The ammo placement is great, but beware!! Like all of Bungie games, conserve, conserve and conserve. The first two levels were better IMO that the last. I played this one all day and was stuck on the second level forever!! I finally came off of TC (which I forgot I was set on) and made it through. Great monster placement, some dead ends and some crafty puzzles that you will have to figure out to get through this set. A couple of the levels were giant and at times seemed to just ramble, but every time I felt this way, here came the baddies again. Worth the download, could of used more sounds, some great light sets. Updated 12-18, fixed some smears and suicide rooms.

Now updated with some new details.....this now flows right along with Hammer of the Gods.

Hammer of the Gods/The Chai'etra Saga 2.0

Gareth Wood — Feb 09, 1997

A five level solo adventure that to date is the authors best yet!! A follow up to the Chai'etra Saga Part 1, you are asked to perform many deeds with this one and the tricks with this saga will take you some time. Great story, great ideas and some very good details. I have played through all levels of this one many times and when I received the entire package, I found myself "ammo-less" many times. Be conservative and always go back to check where you have been. The construction and design ideas here are light years ahead of part 1... Yes, the level designs are huge again, at times, but this time, you have to become a strategy type of marine. Good luck and let the author know what you think.

Dawn of the Cyborg

Gareth Wood — Nov 23, 1996

A big, rambling solo level without very much to do. The author says it is his first Forge level, and he's testing ideas. Some are okay... but in general, it's a pretty slow level.

Discipline of Anarchy

Gareth Wood — Nov 14, 1996

A relatively short solo level, where your job is to find the final term. Well-constructed, with switch-controlled doors making sure you see the entire map before exiting. The final battle is a nice one-on-one with a major jug... let's hope you brought enough ammo!

Empire of the Serpent Sun 1.0

Gareth Wood — Nov 01, 1996

A three level solo scenario. Needs a great deal of texture alignment, and the lighting could stand a bit of sprucing up, but there's plenty to kill... I got a little tired of the fight-to-a-teleporter, see-if-you're-done style.