Files for goran

Xmas Submarine v1.2

goran — Jan 02, 2006

UPDATED! Last version got an error in the shapesfile.

The fruit of the xmas project. This is a complete 5 level scenario. It includes a map file and a shapesfile.

It is somewhat Windows and SDL compatible, as in, it's playable. You will not see any term picts (but they're few anyway).

Yota OS X Files v1.0

goran — Nov 26, 2005

This is the complete Yota sounds and shapes.
It's for those who can't use the OS 9 shuttles.


Submarine Xmas Shapes v1.0

goran — Nov 23, 2005

I'm doing a Xmas scenario this year, and I'm inviting people to tag along. Use these shapes, and make an underwater base with them. (or something else that is under water.

use texture set 4 (jjaro)

use landscape 3 (moon)
(it looks real bad in 256 colors)

If you want to join the Xmas scenario, gimme a mail at (So I can keep track of my Xmas helpers). And everyone is very welcome to join.

All maps must be sent to my mail somewhere between 10-15 december.

The size of the scenario will be 2+ levels. (my two plus yours)

Original message:



Big Bad Boy v1.0

goran — Sep 10, 2005

This is a big rocket arena inspired by one of the arenas in "3 arenas". A large and high arena, perfect for 3+ players. Good practice for rocket skills.

If you love rockets, speed, heights, and arenas; you can't live without this one! ;-)

ritual v1.0

goran — Sep 08, 2005

A small netmap in the lava set, it's small and quite detailed.(the white boxes are doors) It works good for duels and medium sized groups.

Goran's Jjaro Set Remix v1.0

goran — Sep 24, 2004

17 new textures for the jjaro set ready to use.

Pollution - Reanimation - 2nd level beta v1.1

goran — Sep 13, 2004

This is beta version of the 2nd level in pollution. has been released earlier on hotline Download and check it out.

-one level
-no story in terminals, but instructions
-shapes installer included
-new stuff in ways of mapmaking

Pollution! v1.0

goran — Jan 03, 2004

a medium sized map, with plenty of exploration
comes with a shapes patch and a readme.

For vidders, this one can be completed on totalcarnage

Visuals: nice(goran style) and clean.

The Yota Saga part 16 v1.0

goran — Mar 08, 2003

part 16 of an ongoing series

It is very cool. Very, very, cool. You're a mapmaker who's been through the paces of the old-skool mappers and kept going, on to something exciting and new. And when your game of choice is seven or so years old, and someone's saying that a mapper's doing something exciting and new, it's time to break out the party stuff. :D

-scifiteki, betatester of part 16


goran — Feb 02, 2002

This netmap is large enough for 8 ppl but if playing koth
you might have fun as well with 4ppl.

It’s my first one so my weapon placement and design might not be the best, but I tried. And in my opinion is it the new weapons that makes it really funny, they’re all changed.

And if you aren’t able to play net, then you could play the singleplayer version with some trooper baddies.

please take your time and rate it after you’ve tested it, I wanna see whats bad/good about it.
hope you enjoy it, I did atleast.

-goran "creator of the yota saga"