Files for Gumdrop

Gumdrop's Fleamarket 1.3

Gumdrop — Jan 06, 2002

8 maps - a real grab bag. There's tight, there's open, there's bright, there's dark... you name it, it's probably in here. Quality ranges from so-so to quite good. A couple of physics modifications - the water action on Man of Salts is particularly enjoyable. Definitely worth a look.

Phozirus v1.2

Gumdrop — Sep 01, 2000

A collection of 5 maps (well, 6 if you count a small opening level for one of the other ones - accessible only in single player and coop). Architecture is reminiscent of Jeff Swartz (this is a high compliment, if you don't know Swartz's work) - complex, multilevel areas with great flow and few snags. Emphasis is on carnage, not messing around trying to find stuff. (Although a couple of these really do benefit from study prior to your first real game... ti's nice to know where the various teleporters end up, for example). Perhaps the oddest map is called 'Dark Seed'... a modification of another map in the pack, it's playable ONLY as a KTMWTB level... but there are a LOT of balls. You can either run, weaponless (except for your fists), or walk, armed with a SPNKR. Bizarre... but very interesting. Take a look... this is a great pack!

Total Workout

Gumdrop — Jan 31, 2000

A deceptively simple arena. There doesn't look like there is anywhere to hide... until you start playing. Author says it's designed for Tag... but carnage works well, too. Lots of open space, interesting texture usage. (Hint... it's all there for a reason.) Fits all sizes comfortably, from 2 up.