Files for harujion

Fusion Fest v1.0

harujion — Dec 26, 2004

A fusion based physics file that will even kill that guy who always hogs the invincibility.

- Pistol and shotgun shoot fusion based projectiles.
- Plasma pistol left unchanged. It's fusion already!
- Assault rifle shoots small energy pulses instead of bullets and heavy fusion energy balls as grenades.
- Missile launcher is now dual action! Charge it up to fire a fusion missile!
- Flamethrower can shoot the standard flame for direct damage, or fusion rain for group damage!
- Alien weapon's primary shoots much like how it's predecessor did or you can use the secondary to lay deadly fusion mines to stop people from chasing you.
- The SMG fires small packets of fusion balls quickly, or shoot 8 at a time in a shotgun like effect that can go through multiple enemies!

For more details about each weapon, please download and read the read me file included.

Unpfh v1.0

harujion — Dec 14, 2004

This physics file changes just the weapons and some ammo.

- Bullets are now faster thus harder hitting.
- Better assault rifle.
- Plasma Pistol uses Energix0rz batteries.
- Rocket launcher can shoot faster missiles, giving a deadlier impact!
- Flamethrower has a new second silent trigger.
- Alien weapon unchanged!!!
- Shotgun Sniper added to SMG.
- Walk around more like a man!
- Plus little details changed!

Read the read me for the complete list.