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Herman's Network Maps 1.0

Herman Ulltin — Jan 06, 2002

6 of Herman Ulltins best network levels. Most of these are large and can be played KotH, EmFH or KtmWtB. Some of these levels have been released already here at the archive, but most of them have been reworked. Some very good large net levels here for your next carnage fest.

Everything Is Allowed

Herman Ulltin — Jan 19, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Herman's Network Maps

Herman Ulltin — Jun 19, 1997

6 of Herman Ulltins best network levels. Most of these are large and can be played KotH, EmFH or KtmWtB. Some of these levels have been released already here at the archive, but most of them have been reworked. Some very good large net levels here for your next carnage fest.

Bloody Bodies Running Around

Herman Ulltin — Jun 13, 1997

A small network map that supports EMfH, KtMwTB and KoTH. Flow is good and the platforms, etc. are fairly fast. Texture choices were good and there are some great hiding places to perch out and wait to pick off you fellow marines.

Death Repeats

Herman Ulltin — Jun 12, 1997

A large net level that is best played KotH. A very tall and large hill in the middle of a medium sized arena. Access to the hill is via teleporter in one of the enclosed hallways that has ammo/weapons located in it. Will support KotH, EmfH and KtMWtB. If you leave the aliens on, be careful, "they're everywhere"!

Disco Duck

Herman Ulltin — Jun 09, 1997

A large net map that is made up of three medium sized arena's tied together with some passageways. These halls could be represented as rings. A very fast map, some great construction ideas and enough ammo and guns for eight. Will support EmfH, KotH and KtmWtB. A great large net map, this author has gotten better with every map. The spankr is present, but due to the tightness of the passageways, etc., your aim needs to be taken in care.

Carnage Time

Herman Ulltin — Jun 09, 1997

A medium sized net map that has great flow along with some very interesting switches. These switches will open up a small room that is a teleporter that takes you straight to the 2x shield recharge. Two rings wrap around this medium sized arena that is 1.5 world units or so lower. Accessible by stairs the arena itself isn't very large and you will also find a couple of pillars to aide in your dodging. A very fast map with good flow. EmFh supported and should add to some high carnage rates.

House of Flame

Herman Ulltin — Jun 02, 1997

A very large open air arena that is very close to a Bungie remake. Very fast and very open. I only got one smear and I believe that it was because of LOS errors. The flame thrower and all of the canisters are the only connection with the title.

What's Love Got To Do With It v1.1

Herman Ulltin — Jun 02, 1997

A large outdoor arena map with a hill, well, a quasi hill placed towards the middle. Almost a outdoor version of the Stay Alive map, this one is fast too, but, the elevators are at different heights when they zip you up to the ring. Thus, flow is severely disrupted while you wait to take another ride. Some very sharp angles on some of the polys could have been avoided. Same texture choices as the map listed earlier, but overall, a pretty good effort. Will support KoTH and EMFH. A previously released map at the archive. This update now fixes some elevators and a few other tweaks.

The Legend of Carnage

Herman Ulltin — Jun 02, 1997

A very large open air arena with a pretty big hill located in the middle. The arena that surrounds the hill is 2 W.U. lower and filled with chest high sewage. There is a outside ring that wraps around the arena that is elevated above the whole arena. It seems that this is another redo of two other maps submitted today, but, this is the better one of the three. Comes with baddies which will allow you to practice staying alive. There's a lot of them.

Fight for Your Life v1.1

Herman Ulltin — Jun 02, 1997

A very large open arena net level built using the Jjarro texture set. Very reminiscent of a M2 Bungie net level. Multiple levels make up the outside ring that runs around the arena and another "inside" ring at 1 W.U. lower. A few elevators here and there but their speed is set fast enough for good flow. Very fast and very big. Would be slow with less than 4 players. Supports KoftH, EmfH and KtmwTb.

Stay Alive v1.1

Herman Ulltin — Jun 02, 1997

A multi level large KOtH map. A square hill surrounded by a small arena with a few pillars that can get in the way if you use the spnkr a lot. A enclosed ring wraps around the arena with elevators to a upper ring that wraps the whole map. A enclosed passageway from the upper ring takes you directly to the hill. The elevators are set at a great speed and their is enough ammo/weapons for 6 to 8. Few sounds to speak of, but, this one is optimized for speed and flow. Even on the longest line of sight I got very good results. A few misaligned textures and some sharp angles, but a fast map with good flow. The author says in the read me a small net map?? It will support a few other modes of net play.

Future Death

Herman Ulltin — May 23, 1997

A medium pseudo arena level, that has some very nice visual touches to it. A fast map in spite of the line of sight this level holds. Three elevated errors separated by a sunken arena. Some pretty good ideas here with some good construction techniques. Simple, but good. Sounds are ok, and flow is pretty good.

There Can Be Only One (HU)

Herman Ulltin — May 16, 1997

Construction with this author just keeps getting better and better. No more of the single line walls, no more slow elevators. A large net level set with the pfhor textures. Some of the textures really tend to bleed but after a while I got used to it. Some pretty big arenas connected by stairs and or passageways. Good construction on the stairs, some strange ambient with this one. Pfhor set and I heard some bird sounds?????

Your Worst Nightmare

Herman Ulltin — May 16, 1997

Probably the best from this author on todays page. Similar to There Can Be Only One, but a little bigger and different texture sets. Will support KtMwtB and EmfH.

Were War are in Dreams

Herman Ulltin — May 12, 1997

A very large, square, open arena level. The arena has a medium sized square hill that is accessible via grenade hop from one of the rings. I haven't checked for teleporters yet. Two rings wrap around the arena that are both elevated. The very top ring will give you access to the hill and the middle ring is where the ammo/weapons were located. Made for KtMwTB, KoTH and EMFh. Less than 5 it will be slow so make sure you have a big group. Some good light sets and the third ring is constructed with inverted corners. (my description) I only found one dead end.

Watch Your Back

Herman Ulltin — May 12, 1997

Should have been called, check your aim. A small square net level that has elevators to a semi-ring. The ring will take you to a couple of rooms that lead off of it. The rooms are very tight with access by some very tight stairs. BE CAREFUL HERE! I suppose the name comes from the shield recharge. A great place to get nailed in the back as you try to recharge. Some interesting design ideas here. Would be best for EMfH.

Can't You Hit Me!

Herman Ulltin — May 07, 1997

A very large water arena net level. In the area of flow, this one is the authors best yet. Way too many sharp angles that give you the bouncing feature. Some stairs, etc., not accesible in some areas which really slows down the game. Platforms, elevators and doors are very fast and really aide in the flow oif the level. A good bunch of good characteristics here mixed with some other ones that are not so good. Should provide large groups with some good carnage. EMfH fits the best.

Bloody Bodies Falling

Herman Ulltin — May 07, 1997

A small net level that is crammed full of just about every construction idea possible. Stairs that go to transporters, doors that open to U shaped hallways, a very dark water room, a small hill with a small arena room that surrounds it, etc, etc. Don't even think about picking up the spnkr, unless you are going up to one of the sniper perches. Best set up for EMFH but will work with KOtH. Flow is constricted at times, but one that will provide for a lot of carnage. A bunch of polys , so be prepared.

It Is A Good Day to Die

Herman Ulltin — May 05, 1997

A small network map with some interesting designs. Flow is slow to medium due to the dead ends and transporters. (your new location puts you facing a wall) A few texture alignment spots and some weird angles on some of the polys. Speed of this one could be faster with some polys shaved off. General idea is pretty good, check out the stair construction. Designed for EMFH, 4 is the max according to the author. I agree.

Some Dummies Die v1.1

Herman Ulltin — May 05, 1997

A mixture of different sized rooms connected with some very fast elevators, transporters and/or stairs. The main room has some cool look-outs/sniper pill boxes that run around the top edge. To what is becoming commonplace with this author, some great hiding places and I believe some of the best stair design I have seen. The time that it must take to make these stairs. Again, a few texture misalignments, few sounds and few light sets. But, some very fast carnage in spite of it's size. You need a large group for this one.

Lord of the Hill

Herman Ulltin — May 05, 1997

Exactly like it sounds, a medium sized net map with a exposed hill that has access by one side to a half enclosed ring and accessed by the other side by some fast elevators. Fast map KoTH supported the best. Will support a few other net modes.

Seven Infinity Net Levels

Herman Ulltin — Apr 26, 1997

Seven very good net levels that range from small to huge. These are set up for basic KOTH or EMFH. All of these are very fast and very good. All platforms and elevators move very fast and secret areas reward you with ammo and shields. Construction on most of these are of high quality. If there are any drawbacks, it would be in ammo placement and amount of weapons/ammo. Good basic net maps that should provide for some great carnage.