Files for Homocidal Ham

Cross Fire v1.2

Homocidal Ham — Jul 04, 2006

It is two "bridges" crossing in a center "arena" surrounded by buildings, It should work for M2 MI and aleph one. hope you enjoy

P.S. when testing people complained about good items being in the open, before repeating them please note that all weapons appear randomly

Physics Testing Grounds v1.0

Homocidal Ham — Jun 29, 2006

This is a map that I made about four years ago that I used to test physics. It is a series of doors and swithces that release monsters into an arena to see how they interact from the safty of a monster-proof control center.
you can also go into the armory and shoot them if your bored. As an added bonus you can use it to teach your friends how to play marathon.

Carnagevile v1.0

Homocidal Ham — Jan 10, 2006

this is a small town with several fully accessable buildings

i hope you like it