Files for Huxley

Arx Immanis Unimap v1.0

Huxley — Jun 17, 2006

Søren Bech Jensen's Arx Immanis.
This scenario won Runner Up as Best Use of Anvil in Bungie's map contest.

"The woods of the cold north are dark and vast, where the towering pines trap the light in a splintered grip and their needles glitter menacingly with frost, like teeth. Without the frozen path to guide you, these darkling woods would swallow you up in their endless perspectives. This was the land of the Overlord Valraven whose reputation had drawn you so far north, a man of ambition who valued strength of arms and cold appetites inured to extremes of violence and suffering. Long ago you brought into a life that turned its back on obligation, loyalty and honour for any reason other than money; thirty pieces of silver is worth any atrocity when you’re starving."

"Most textures are created in Photoshop, but some are stolen
(and modified) from other games like Hexen and Frankenstein
(See if you can spot them), 3D textures and H. R. Gigers
nightmareish paintings."

BLOOD of BIN LADEN Unimap v1.0

Huxley — Jun 16, 2006

J. Kristopher Huddy's Blood of Bin Laden:
Fight the War on Terror without leaving your home!
For the full story and great "making of" images:

* Covertly strike and neutralize terrorist training camps on the outskirts of Kandahar!
* Uncover plans for the September 11 terror attacks!
* Disarm terrorist arsanals of nuclear and biological weapons!
* Wage face-to-face combat with Taliban soldiers and fanatical suicide bombers!
* Tap into local phone lines to receive orders and stay nourished by consuming humanitarian rations!
* Lead squads of American Marines in ground strikes!
* Liberate the Afghan capital city of Kabul!
* Rescue American missionary Heather Mercer!
* Navigate through Afghanistan's mountainous terrain!
* Discern food rations from unexploded cluster bombs!
* Storm the caves and tunnels of Tora Bora!
* Locate Osama's secret underground bunker!
* And finally, take the al-Qaeda leader out once and for all!

Los Disneys Unimap v1.0

Huxley — Jun 10, 2006

Welcome to Jason K. Huddy's Los Disneys.
This unimap will work both Mac and SDL versions of Aleph One. The unimap had scripts added to support both Mac and SDL A1. No changes where made to game play. All original files are included. From the Los READ ME.txt: "Give it to a freinds, coworkers and family members- remember: It's FREE!"

The year is 2015. The Disney Corporation has bought out the entire peninsula of Florida, renaming it Los Disneys.
You have been hired by a special interest group to infiltrate it’s capital located in the Magic Kingdom. Shoot your way through tourists, brats and yes, Michael Eisner clones to find and destroy the cryonically-suspended head and torso of Walt Disney, located right beneath Cinderella’s Castle. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Terminating Disney initiates the Doomsday Device which will wipe out all mankind- unless you can stop it.
Do you have what it takes to fight the greatest corporate entertainment monster of all time? Will you save the earth from global nuclear annihilation? If not, will you escape to the mission control satellite in time to save yourself? There’s only one way to find out.