Files for JackDZombiKing

Murdalizer v1.0

JackDZombiKing — Apr 24, 2005

Created exclusively for fireball, this fortress style map is fun for the whole family! Picture this my friends: two forts across from each other seperated only by no mans land! Includes weapons stash and recharge rooms. Can YOU get to the flamethrower? If you can, you'll win the Chocolate Coated Sugar Bombs sweepstakes! No purchase neccesary see store manager for details. Hurry up and download before my head asplodes!

Bumper Cars v1.0

JackDZombiKing — Apr 17, 2005

Hey kids! Remember bumper cars from fairs and theme parks? Ever wish that they included guns and aliens? Why the heck not? What's wrong with you?! Oh well. Now it's all here in a small nifty downloadable package! So click the download button now! I said click it now! Stop reading the text and @#?! dowlnload it! Raaagh! (End transmission)

4 players
Flamethrower, Alien weopon and Assault rifle included
Can you find the secret teleporter?

Ninja Physics v1.0

JackDZombiKing — Nov 27, 2004

Their steps as silent as shadows, they wait in the darkness and strike. These warriors of night arrive with no warning and vanish like the wind. Well, enough about that crap. These physics were originally M2, but I like Infinity better, so I just cooked these up. They are made so that you see through the eyes of the ninja. Almost all of the weapons have a fist graphic to simulate you're throwing something (there weren't any guns in 17th century Japan anyway). They're extremely fun to play with, but I've never done any net games with them. Download these and try em out already! If you play these in a net game, PLEASE tell me about and/or send me a film. Thanks!

Get Poppin'! v1.0

JackDZombiKing — Nov 17, 2004

A small octangular room with a pit in the center filled with
Exploda-Bobs (both kind) the Vac bobs will set them off, and then... It's cookin' time.