Files for JDH

High Velocity Update. v1.5

JDH — Aug 22, 2001

Arena with hill in the middle elevated bunkers in four places and four sniper triangles(room shaped like a triangle). Low floor and high rim to run on completes the level. Have fun!

Dasani total carnage. v1.5

JDH — Aug 17, 2001

An arena with sniper ledges, a hill in the middle and four rooms where most of the ammo is. It's like a M1 arena.

The Jdh Files! v1.5

JDH — Aug 17, 2001

4 levels phrood is a little smaller version than thrud, Aschan in a arena with bunkers in all four corners, spaceship is a level that if you run around the whole level it looks like a spaceship, duh! Are you observant? It is a level that has a building in the middle with boxes in it, teleporters, and a platform to get you to them. Have fun.

Large and small network maps. v1.5

JDH — Aug 17, 2001

5 levels 4 are ideas I just made up for the sake of having more than one map in this download. The main one, "The Pit", in based on an M2 solo level room and I made it foR network play. The level is kill your television.ENJOY!!

Do you like the carnival v1.5

JDH — Aug 17, 2001

A level with teleporters and platforms to get around, sniperboxes for suprising passerby's. Boxes to fight in and plaenty of ammo enjoy!