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Wake up. Time to die. v1.1

Joe Mahma — Jul 12, 2001

A small-feeling net map designed for small groups, up to 4. Weapon placement was fixed and the rechargers were removed to make it harder to hold the building/hill. The annoying "water-pop" effect was fixed, and should look much better now. The shallow pit in the center of the building is used as the net game hill.

Now, who knows where the name comes from?

Wake up. Time to die. v1.0

Joe Mahma — Jul 02, 2001

Small-feeling net map supporting up to four players on "every man for himself" or "kill the man with the ball," but best with 2 players. The screenshot shows the courtyard (where the ball and two rechargers are located), and there is a large outer ring which is ankle-deep in water.

Joe Mahma