Files for aragorn

Toren Vs. Simon RAMBO v1.0

aragorn — May 14, 2001

Now this is a fun level to watch. This is Toren and I killing each other on physics "ramboXXXIII". This is funny because once one person has a good shot at the other, the other person is either dead, or takes considerable damage. I like to use the pistol, and Toren got the fusion. The problem with fusion is that on good hit and your dead. Grenades were especially fun.

If you don't know how to change your physics file, this is what you do: 1) make sure the physics file "ramboXXXIII" is copied into your physics folder. Go into the marathon disc, open anvil, open sample models, and drag the file to your physics folder within marathon infinity folder. 2) Open marathon infinity. select "preferences", "enviornment", "physics", "ramboXXXIII". 3) Run the film.

Toren vs. Simon w/ Aliens v1.0

aragorn — May 14, 2001

This is yet another film with Toren, only this time we're on a different level and with aliens. This level is a little more interesting, and Toren killed me more.

Toren vs. Simon2 v1.0

aragorn — May 14, 2001

This is another battle with Toren, though it's not as long.

Toren vs. Simon1 v1.0

aragorn — May 14, 2001

This is a fun film to watch because it shows me blowing my opponet away most of the time with a rocket launcher. Toren doesn't play marathon as much as me.

Coop Attempt 3 v1.0

aragorn — Apr 27, 2001

This is yet again another attempt at cooperative play. We did much better this time, though my sister still gets in my way. In several places i took damage when i could have dodged it because my sister was in the way. We had a little trouble on the third or fourth level; i don't remember which. My recomendation: kill all crocks when in coop mode.

Please write me a review on this file, i would appreciate it.

Coop attempt 2 v1.0

aragorn — Apr 27, 2001

This here is our second attempt at coop play. We only got through a few levels, and did worse in some situations. Enjoy our folly.

First Coop Attempt v1.0

aragorn — Apr 27, 2001

This film features my sister (dragonus maximus), my dad (bone chiller), and me (divine winds), and our first attempt at marathon 2 cooperative play. This film is amusing in spots because we all have different styles. I tend to me more aggressive than i need to be, my sister tends to stir up all the aliens, then make me kill them, and then get in the way when i'm killing them. My dad is a decent player, but seems to hold a grudge against the "run" button. He knows his way around, though, and tends to be our tour guide on most levels. We got through about the first 5 levels, but it took us over an hour. I'll think you'll find this film both entertaining and amusing. Please rate this file. Thank you.