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How to install Icons, Windows Registry v1.0

Ashakanar — Jun 22, 2006

Note: You Don't Have To Edit The Windows Registry To Install Icons Anymore! See here!
I am going to keep this guide online for Historical resasons.

Thank You

Have you downloaded my Marathon Icons for Windows pack? Looked at the Website I provided? Still can't figure out how to install them? Well your search is over. Here is an easy to understand guide that will walk you through
editing the Windows Registry to install the Icons.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions, email me at

NOTE: I am NOT responsible if YOU break YOUR computer editing the Windows Registry.

Marathon Icons for Windows v1.1

Ashakanar — Jun 19, 2006

This is a pack of icons for A1. They are in .Ico format (Windows icon format). Included is the original Icons (app, map, shapes, ect) for M1, M2, Moo, Evil, RED, Rubicon, Tempus Irae, and the A1 Icons. Installing them on Is NO LONGER A PAIN!!!
There is now a program that will install the Icons For you!
I downloaded the Trial Version. It says you can only change 3 icons! I've changed around 5 so I hope it keeps on workin for you.

Another thing added in 1.1 is a custom icon, made by me, for TI: II The Lost Levels.I have to admit that it isnt the greatest Icon ever... but it works...

I'd like to thank BenUrban for providing the .PNG icons. Without him, this package wouldnt be avalible. Thank you BenUrban. I'd Also like to thank Iek for finding exe icon changer, which led me to find the easier to use Iconchanger! Thank You Iek!

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions email me at