Files for Kidtofu

Durandal's Back. v1.00

Kidtofu — Aug 31, 2005

There really isn't much new Specially Made Marathon 2 maps nowadays, so instead of putting up another Marathon Infinity Map for aleph one, why not give people a Marathon 2 aleph one map?
yep. thats right.

Note: you don't have to Open Doors with action keys. this map you have to come close to the door to open it. also don't be alarmed if you spawn in a odd room. just run to the door and it will open.

Mapper's Heart v1.0

Kidtofu — Aug 23, 2005

Hey, i guess i was going to Release another map. anyway, this map was made mostly to see how good i was at map making. i think its ok, but that just me. ( By the Way, Get Red Spectrum by RyokoTk, it Rocks) just check it out and see if you like it.

Two Words. v1.00

Kidtofu — Aug 18, 2005

Since school is coming up, I may not be able to make as many maps as I had, so here's a final map before school begins. Please leave feedback on the map at

If I Had A Fusion Pistol... v1.1

Kidtofu — Jul 28, 2005

Heh, Amazing What your love for A Fusion Pistol Can Make you do. This level has a Bunch of Stuff in it that i really like. Split Polys, Tunnels, Cheap Shot Places, 5-d, pathways between two parts of buildings, A WaterFall, a Little of the Observer Deck From Marathon 1's Arrival, And Also the "Escape Will Make Me God" Durandal Terminal!
If your Getting Tired of My Maps, Sorry....i just can't stop :)
Try and find the two Secrets!

Life Of A Red Marine (SDL) v1.02

Kidtofu — Jun 30, 2005

This Is The SDL Version of THe Original "Life Of A Red Marine". just so you know, this is my first sdl map, so if there is any problems, email me at

Life Of A Red Marine... v1.02

Kidtofu — Jun 30, 2005

YEP. I Made it. even tho this won't be posted till maybe after June is over, at least i finished it Before June ended! and at 10:41! CARNAGE FOREVER!!!!!!

Tofu Pfhor Life v1.04

Kidtofu — Apr 13, 2005

April's Tofu Map. Hope You Like it. I'l Try and get the next one out before July.
Happy Gaming To Everyone!

Ragnorok Shuttle Bay v1.0

Kidtofu — Apr 06, 2005

Well i Promised Maps For Aleph One Right? Well This map was Finished Before the others and well...its for Rubicon Aleph One. This is for All those Rubicon Aleph One Players Still out there. I Hope you Like.

Tofu Cubed v0.31

Kidtofu — Mar 20, 2005

An Update to Lui'Ki Part 1 And the Release of Lui'Ki Part 2 and 3, including a The Underground Part 1.

Hope You Like These Maps. Next Maps Coming Next Month!

NOTE: This Does Not Include "Sure, I Can Share My Bullets" which originally appeared in Double Tofu.

Double Tofu v0.18

Kidtofu — Mar 09, 2005

These two maps were made to probably be my last maps on the Machintosh. the first map is a small network carnage for a few people, about 2-4. The Second Was Made to contain Aliens AND 8 players.

well? go ahead,try them out.