Files for Kraken7

The New Core CTF v0.9

Kraken7 — Mar 03, 2006

NOTE: I haven't been able to get together enough players for a real 4 vs 4 CTF brawl (Thus the 0.9 version number; I plan on releasing a 'tweaked' version soon). If you play this map and have issues with the design or item placement, please let me know, either by email or through Fileball's comment system. Thanks!

A few days after the successful recent release of 'The New Core (G4 or better)', W'rkncacnter unleashed an awesome Aleph One enhancement that allowed users to easily create and play CTF maps. Having recently released a symmetrical map that I felt might, with a few alterations, be fun to play CTF, I set out to add CTF play to 'The New Core'. In the process of updating the map for CTF play many new polys and features were added to the map, including:

*A new series of catwalks that ring the bottom of the station, providing impressive views and quick (but relatively exposed) routes of escape and attack.

*Patented JJaro people mover technology: some of the new catwalks are one-way only. (Players beware: the lines that run the length of the 'people movers' are tagged 'solid, transparent' and will stop all projectiles. Be carefull where you use that grenade or rocket!)

*New team-color coded accent polygons ring the walls of each team's territory on the map's main level (try saying that 10 times fast).

Two versions of 'The New Core CTF' are included in the merged map file. The first has altered weapons' physics (faster shots for all weapons; fusion pistol has been edited to function more like a sniper rifle). The second retains the original weapons' physics while still allowing for firing under water (or in the 'gravity lifts').

Hope you like it. Please let me know what you think, good or bad.

The New Core (G5 or better) v1.0

Kraken7 — Jan 24, 2006

NOTE: See the read-me for information on how to install the included MML script. The script should be installed before playing this map. (It changes the properties of the JJaro goo, making the gravity lift possible).

The New Core (G5 or better), version 1.0, 1-23-06:

* There's a new 'attic space' above the central arena, accessed via platforms hidden in the alcoves of the four buttresses. Note to those on the hill: watch out for 'death from above.'

* The map file now contains four versions of the level: 1) gravity lift, no aliens, 2) gravity lift, aliens, 3) no gravity lift, aliens, and 4) no gravity lift, no aliens. Pick your poison.

* Gravity lift? What's a gravity lift, you ask? Basically, a column of liquid without the wetness, lack of oxygen, and general weapon disfunction of everyone's favorite fictional liquids. But, most important, you can still swim in the stuff. That means that those on the hill in gravity lift enabled versions can escape their would be attackers by going 'up, up, and away' with a tap of the control (run/swim) key.

* Not looking forward to seeing your quarry fly from your grasp? Hit the switch in the north buttress, disabling the gravity lift, plunging the arena into darkness, and striking fear into the heart of your foe on the hill.

Mendoza 13 v1.0

Kraken7 — Aug 09, 2001

A fairly small arena-like map with a terraced pit, a central tower, surrounding walkways and sniper points, and underwater passageways that provide access to flood and lighting controls. Un-even elevations and lots of stairways/ platforms provide opportunities for mid-air combat.

Inspired by the twisting stairways, quiet pools, and an oddly organic courtyard of Notre Dame's Mendoza School of Business.

The Mendoza 13 map file actually contains 2 levels; the second level is identical to the first, except that it has about half the number of aliens (for better network play).

I hope you like it- any and all coments greatly apreciated.