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Total Carnage ++ v1.4

LegacyTyphoon — Sep 21, 2005

This is probably the final incarnation of TC++. I've made some balance fixes, changed firing rates, and changed damage done based off of various comments by players from the Aleph One chatroom.

v1.4 fixes:
*Flying Fists of Doom have been changed. No more almost instant death kills with the fists.
*The Flying AR Marine has been fixed. No more getting stuck in walls or boucning around a map like a pinball.
*Running into a player who has a TOTZ is no longer like running into a flaming wall of firey oblivion. The TOTZ is more...sane now.
*The Alien weapon is no longer a wide-area hose of death. The damage has been decreased somewhat.
*SPNKR rate of fire has been decreased a little. It still has a clip size of 4 however.
*Problems with TC++ infesting the Standard physics pack has been fixed.

Apparently, the physics file included with Infinity from the Trilogy release, is just the Marathon 2 physics file. So there's no data about the SMG in it. In other words...Infinity will just use the last know information about the SMG for its default, until it get changed again. So I've included an Infinity specific Standard physics file. This one includes the data relating to the SMG.

Also, TC++ is best suited for larger maps with open areas. Or else you tend to kill yourself with high-explosives. It can be used on tight-hallway maps, but expect to 'splode yourself if you aren't careful where your aiming when you have that SPNKR out.

TC++ is now in .sit form. So, no more worries about the file not being in the right format.

If you can't use .sit I also posted it in .tgz format here:

Total Carnage ++ v1.3

LegacyTyphoon — Jun 30, 2005

v 1.3
Yeah, yeah, skipped release of v 1.2. It had some problems with it that were pointed out before I put it up for download...So there. Changed rate of fire and damage of the SMG. Made it less of a "l33t" weapon. So it is better suited to take on other weapons now. Does 9 base damage instead of 7.
v 1.2
Changed damage of the Fist, SMG, TOTZ, they do less damage now and it should be more balanced (admit it, the Fist and TOTZ were the über death weapons of God). I also slowed down the bullets back to 1024 (their original speed). I found that with the bullets set to 1050 you didn't have to lead, so it was basically "aim at target and watch target turn into a leaky piece of meat." Finally, I increased the accuracy of the Pistols, because you couldn't do jack with them...
v 1.1
I've changed some of the base damages so that the weapons aren't so über the super charging fusion that i forgot to fix, and I lowered the recoil on the AR.
Original release.

Created in: 4 days
Play Testing: 2 weeks
Welcome to Total Carnage ++:

Where the workings of someone out of their mind and Anvil come crashing together in a symphony of blood, gore, and lack of good taste.

All the weapons have been changed so that they fire faster, have more ammo, and fire more at once. Now, before you pass this off as: "another one of those retarded physics files" that are out there, I want you to remember that I did two weeks of play testing with various people from the AlephOne chatroom before I released it. I've tried the best that I could, to keep the weapons at their roots, past that, everythings been thrown out the door. :D

The main idea of this file was to create something that takes the craziness of Marathon multiplayer and then make it even crazier. However, I also wanted to keep the balance that the Marathon weapons had as best I could.

So, keeping that in mind, ENJOY!!
Happy fragging!!

-Ben Maish