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Bachus' Net Extravaganza v1.0

Bachus — Apr 26, 2001

This pack contains 6 maps:

Juggers of the Jungle v1.1
Carnage Among Enemies v1.1
BOBs of the Hill v1.1
Pillars 'R Us v1.0
Midnight in Hell v1.0
Freakin' Intense v1.0

They range from small and fast maps to large and fast maps. To tell the truth, these maps have never been tested in multiplayer before. At the very least they make for good practice maps. Since I'm incredibly vain and egotistical, I'll go on the record and say that BOBs of the Hill and Freakin' Intense are more challenging on Total Carnage than Battlecat's Hell Hole.

If that's not a testament to carnage then I don't know what is.

Bachus' Net Extravaganza

Bachus — Dec 21, 1999

6 levels, three previous releases with tweaks, three new. Mostly geometric layouts, but they work pretty well. Lots and lots of baddies, so solo works fine, lots of physics tweaks so you may or may not have time to figure out what your weapon does before you blow yourself to Kingdom Come with it. A nice assortment for a bit of carnage... or a bowl of carnage, whichever suits you.

Juggers of the Jungle

Bachus — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

BOBs of the Hill v1.0

Bachus — Dec 25, 1996

A elevated center tower connected to a outer ring. The paths to the ring are cool but the pits are filled with sewage. The flow at times seemed to be obsturcted with the ease of finding the teleporters in the pits. (Why it is a good king of the hill map--if you play it on EMFH, then the flow comment will make more sense) Will support king of hill great...The switches will also aide in this endeavor, although the film will not show it. Good construction and the use of one ambient sound just about blew me out of my room.....(if you use a subwoofer) Solo is possible---the readme explains the aliens that can be used.

Carnage Among Enemies

Bachus — Dec 11, 1996

A basic stress reliever. This is one of those "kill everything and keep loading". The carnage never stops in this one....what more can I say...