Files for Mark Smith


Mark Smith — Nov 14, 2005

The Boiler Room is a solo map. It is playable as a net map, but it's mighty crowded already. It's a practice area, with plenty of bad guys to keep you company and its own special (meaning harder) physics model. It's like the Star Trek Holodeck or the X-Men's Danger Room. It's great for a quick splash of Marathon without having to fire up a scenario, pick a level, or open a save. I like to use it to kill a few minutes here and there while downloading. It's handy for helping to keep the old skills up to snuff. I hope you've brought game, because this place WILL kick your ass.


Mark Smith — Nov 09, 2005

I first inflicted this on the world some years back, in the form of a Classic Mac OS installer. By now, the Classic installer is thoroughly obsolete, so it's time for something new. People are even playing Aleph One on x86 Linux boxes now. The solution is to give you a copy of the whole sounds file, zipped.

What you have here are sounds as cartoonish as the images of Marathon. Silly, unusual, over-the-top, and sometimes a little warped. The VacBob sounds were made with a PlainTalk microphone and they came out really well. If you hear guitar playing, that's me. The sound the drones make before they fire was done with a guitar too, and maybe a couple of other things.

Option-Pfhive Millenium Edition

Mark Smith — Apr 10, 2000

A sounds patcher for Infinity, or M2. (Works with either.) Lots and lots and lots of changes. Some great, some silly... worth a listen. Comes with a physics model that guides most projectiles towards the player, and increases damage overall (making for more brutal encounters). C'mon... you have a cable modem now... grab this!