Files for MazaroX

Lost Lands Part 2 v2.0

MazaroX — Feb 05, 2005

The new, improved, playable Lost Lands Part 2!

I polished a whole lot up and made it easier to digest and less frustrating. Here's a list of bug fixes, also included in the readme-

*Secret exit removed from level 1.
*Level 2 retextured.
*Liquids in level 2 are no longer suicide traps.
*Level 3 retextured.
*Liquids in level 3 are no longer suicide traps.
*Level 5 made easier.
*Level 7 made easier.
*Level 7 alien physics changed.
*Level 9 has added o2 rechargers.
*Level 9 door bug fixed.
*Level 9 made easier.
*Level 10 alien physics changed.
*Level 10 terminal text added.
*Level 11 pattern buffers added.
*Level 11 made easier.
*Level 11 secret exit bug fixed.
*Level 11 death traps removed.
*Level 11 notations added.
*Level 13 made easier.
*Level 14 terminal text added.

As is said in the older description, this is the first 16 levels of Lost Lands, which will one day be 32. I broke down and made it a whole lot easier for you people, even though I said I wouldn't. Have fun. Maybe you will this time around.

Lost Lands (Part 2) v1.0

MazaroX — Jan 17, 2005

This is exactly half of the final product of Lost Lands, which will be a full 32+ level scenario. Part 3 is under construction. I (Mazaro) created this single-handedly. I won't spoil anything in the game in this description, but I will say this- it is hard. Very hard. I may tone it down slightly on the next release, but don't count on too much. I designed this game to be hard for ME to beat, and I've been playing Marathon for a very long time. Hopefully because of this though, the end result of playing the scenario will seem all the more rewarding. It has been tested, and everything in it is possible. The emphasis is more on fun than storyline or any kind of realism. I hope that by putting this on fileball, I'll get more people to play it than I did when Part 1 was released.