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256x256 Final

Beer Can — Aug 04, 2002


Hi-Res Textures for Use w/Aleph One (Or Whatever)

This is a collection of 256x256 PNG files for use with just about anything.

I made the set for Aleph One (Marathon) integration, but they'll work in any game engine or texture processor that can deal with 256x256 PNG images...and that's just about everything, I gather.

Hell, you can even use these as desktop patterns, or coffee mug silkscreens...!

There's a separate folder called "TestShots" which show some of the textures in action. Note that the textures were RANDOMLY assigned for these tests: I simply wanted to see how they appeared, in use, and did not place the bastards for an intended "cool effect."


:: Beer Can ::

No Stinking Type Pfhor Errors (A1) 1.0

Beer Can — Aug 04, 2002

A great M2 map from 1996, updated to work under Aleph One. The original map was run through Scalpel (to remove zero-length lines), then merged with Forge. This was a great map in 1996 - it's STILL a great map, and now it works under a much more versatile engine.

Much Superior Grenade 1.1

Beer Can — Aug 04, 2002

A remake of the grenade explosion, created by mixing the standard grenade sound with a Myth dwarf bottle. Placed in Inf Sounds, but it comes in two flavors - snd resource for Macintosh, and .wav file for PC - so it should be useable in any Marathon.

Aleph One Test Maps 1.0

Beer Can — Aug 04, 2002

A collection of all the novelty maps submitted to the Marathon Open Source project to show off specific strengths or features of the Aleph One engine. The collection has been put together by an outside party, as a convenience - the maps herein are the product of their respective creators. (Original documentation is included when it existed, and authors and creation dates can be found on the Novelty Maps page of the Open Source project.)