Files for moonranger

Machine Battle-Warrior v1.0

moonranger — Jun 04, 2004

Machine Battle-Warrior is a physics set inspired mainly by the Playstation 2 game Omega Boost but ideas came from anything with robots. There are two netmaps to play this set on. These levels are huge. The viewing distances are way outside what Marathon can take. Machine Battle-Warrior won't work well with any smaller levels.

See the readme for changes... The new physics changes everything.

Feedback Please! I haven't gotten any!

Sewage Suite v1.0

moonranger — May 23, 2004

It's a netpack. Three maps. One is large and has a strange name. The other two are different halves of the large one. All three work for Every Man For Himself, Kill the Baller, and King of the Mound of Corpses.

All maps work for more players than you'll ever get on a Marathon LAN.

Feedback please!

MDÆ Netpack v1.0

moonranger — Apr 13, 2003

This netpack contains 4 levels that are somewhat based on the four elements; water, fire, air, and earth. The weapons are chosen to fit with whatever element. The fifth level is a very simple SPNKR battle. I have been told the levels are unconventional.

Each level supports 12 players with Aleph One, 8 with Infinity. They are designed for 4-8 player games. They go a bit slow with 2 players, there is more sneaking
around and less carnage.

This is the first Marathon creation I have posted on the internet. I hope you like it. Give me feedback please.