Files for Nathan Orion Fulton

The Dragon v1.0.1

Nathan Orion Fulton — Jan 28, 2002

Three net maps: Stuffed Tomatoe, Stuffed Aubergine, and The Dragon. 4-8 players. (Anyone who knows where I got the level titles from gets a cookie.) ;-)

Bottle Cap v1.2

Nathan Orion Fulton — Jan 14, 2002

I saw this really weird design on the inside of a bottle cap, and thought it would make a cool net map. This is what came of it.

Got Curves? 1.02

Nathan Orion Fulton — Dec 27, 2000

A very pretty map, one that takes good advantage of Aleph One's lack of line-of-sight problems. A very curvy map (surprised?) with (pretty amazing to me) not a single platform. And flow is STILL pretty good! Small weapons in abundance, larger weapons nicely held back. (And you have to work a bit for that SPNKR...) Nice for medium to large groups.