Files for NeoN

Fusk the Gods v1.0

NeoN — Sep 13, 2005

The original idea for this map came from a friend. I simply cleaned it up and made it look nice. This map is actually several years old. However, we played it a lot through the years. Thus, I am sharing it for everyone to enjoy.

It's a basic arena map with hallways and elevators sprouting off the sides. Plenty of ammo around the map should ensure hectic gameplay around every corner.

Arena of Death v2.2

NeoN — Jan 30, 1996

Crashes 040's hard, but it's pretty playable on powermacs. Much nicer than its M1 counterpart, IMHO. Update cleans some stuff up. Latest version actually lets you out of the death trap.

Head Pfhor The Sewers v1.1

NeoN — Jan 30, 1996

A nicely proportioned outdoor arena. Far better than Thunderdome for King of the Hill... Update adds some niceties.

Arena of Death

NeoN — Jun 04, 1995

Well, it has an open room in the center, so I guess it can be called an arena, but it's dark, and the room is segmented by catwalks...