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1,001 Squares that I got lost in... v1.1

noodles — Jul 03, 2006

This is a map that was originally a map in Suicide Run. It is going to be removed from the pack when the next version of SR comes out (it does not fit in with the rest of the maps). It is a puzzle to get to the ammo room. Read the read me to learn how to get to the ammo room. It is one of my first maps. I hope you enjoy!

wet noodles

Suicide Run v1.3

noodles — Jun 20, 2006

This is a multiplayer net pack designed for Infinity, but can be played with M2. There are eight maps in all. There are levels that support W'rkncacnter's CTF Lua. They also support co-op, EMFH, KOTH, and KMWB. This is the last update for Suicide Run. So if you are a fan of SR, please download this version. :)

Inaugural release of "Suicide Run"
Fixes the physics bug (the rocket would shoot pistol bullets...). And minor tweaks to the maps.
Fixes more bugs on the maps, adds a new hallway to "Power Tower," adds windows and pattern buffers to "Suicide Run," and a new map.
THE LAST VERSION! Replaces an old map with a new, and fixes more bugs than ever...

wet noodles Suicide Run net pack v1.0

noodles — Jun 19, 2006

Hi All,
This is a multiplayer net pack--my first to be precise. There are eight maps in all. I have included a physics file entitled "Phreaky Physics 1." Please understand that there are probably mistakes, because, as I said, this is my first time doing this. There are more to come soon. I hope you enjoy!

wet noodles (game net name)