Files for Obsidian

Schwepps v1.0

Obsidian — Jan 09, 2002

A solo romp - keep on your toes, and hunt for that chip. There's a crucial passageway obscured by a fake wall - this, by itself, makes the level far less enjoyable for me, but if you overlook this, it's a decent run.

Obsidian's Collection v1.0

Obsidian — Jan 09, 2002

9 maps, ranging from really fun to really irritating. Lighting could use some work, but gameplay is pretty good. Heavy reliance on 5D - maps like Hall of Illusion are really enjoyable because of it. A couple of vacuum levels, including one that's actually a maze - if that doesn't drive you nuts, nothing will. All in all, a collection worth playing. All maps are unmerged.