Files for oogaBooga

Stormy Weather v1.0

oogaBooga — Jan 14, 2002

A simple simplici7y map (meaning it has but 7 polys). Sound's a little funky (there are a couple of polys with no sound, leading to some jarring transitions), but it's got decent flow for a tiny map - be careful, the elevator leading out of the moat isn't as responsive as you might think (it's easy to get spanked down there if you think you're coming up..).

Jerkcity 1.5

oogaBooga — Feb 14, 2001

6 levels, on the small side. You know, I'm getting tired of saying nice things about this guy. Who the heck does he think he is, consistently turning out top-notch netmaps? Okay, go ahead and play these, if you like good flow, and nice architecture, and plenty of weapons and ammo... but don't think I'm gonna be happy about it. (Dang, those red weapons are fun in netplay.)

Blunt Hop 1.5

oogaBooga — Feb 03, 2001

A 7 level nethop pack. Every single one of these maps is worth playing on its own (well, okay, the vacuum level's sort of a pain in the ass), together they total a monstrous netgame potential. Every gamestyle is supported, and every playing style can find a home here. Check 'em out.

Meerkat Wrecknophobe 1.1

oogaBooga — Jan 27, 2001

3 more levels from a master. One is simply a fun bit from a RED solo map, but all three are really playable - you'll spend most of your time getting blasted by friends, and very little time trying to figure out where to go next. Those RED weapons are just built for carnage, aren't they?

Purple Torch 1.3

oogaBooga — Jan 14, 2001

3 levels, all with fantastic flow. These maps just get better and better. Unholy lets you play netgames in Ian's disgustingly alive hive-like textures... Whiskeyclone is a simple (but hard to dominate) street scene. Singe offers some pretty fun scenery... ick. :) Definitely worth a look.

Lush Supersuite v1.2

oogaBooga — Dec 27, 2000

7 levels, ranging from huge to tiny. Some take inspiration from Bungie levels (you'll know by the name), some are entirely original. All are well-constructed, and provide nicely for heavy carnage. One shows what happens when an insane person gets ahold of Chisel. This pack should be good for groups of all sizes.

Chokin' on the Splinters v2.0

oogaBooga — Dec 19, 2000

A multilevel, familiar-feeling map... but you haven't seen this before, at least not in this form. Lots of tight spaces, good flow... but also easy to get trapped, easy to find yourself in a corner. Plenty of weapons and ammo, but this map would be tight with more than 3 or 4 players. Definitely worth a look for smaller groups. v2.0 removes all the tight spaces, really opens up the flow. (Seems my comment about it being easy to be trapped was interpreted as negative... it wasn't meant that way; v1 had nice flow, though it was necessary to think about where you were going if you were being chased. v2 doesn't have any problem at all with this - movement is hardly restricted at all. Different styles - both were nice. v2 seems to fit more with the author's vision, however, and gameplay is quite fast. :) )


oogaBooga — Dec 03, 2000

Wow. One netpak, 77 levels. Yep, that's right, 77. Mostly pretty good ones, even... some novelty stuff, and at least one that really needs Aleph One (the last one)... but mostly very playable levels. 77 of 'em. THIS MAN IS INSANE! Get the pack - it'll keep you busy for a long, long time. (I can almost forgive a 1+ meg readme with this many new levels.)

Brain Fade

oogaBooga — Nov 15, 2000

A large Evil map, with a nice combination of claustrophobic spaces and wide-open arena-like areas. (Too many big weapons for the claustrophobic spaces, imo... but some folks like that.) Some line of sight problems if played under normal Evil, but it works without a hitch when using the Evil Addon for Aleph One. Go nuke someone!

Clovis' Mausoleum v1.1

oogaBooga — Oct 19, 2000

A fragment of a solo map, overhauled for net play. Has some interesting flow, and plenty of weapons (and baddies for practice). This version REQUIRES the TI Addon for Aleph One... it plays very nicely under it. 3-5 works really well.

Shiny Things v1.2

oogaBooga — Aug 15, 2000

4 maps, with a pretty wide range of gameplay options. Tight-in play, wide open play. Claustrophobic flow, liquid flow. Aliens out the yin-yang, alien-free. One thing these maps have in common... you will NOT run out of ammo. Three of the maps use the Pfhor textureset, and generally do a pretty good job of it. The last is a huge waterset map, with almost all types of gameplay included... everyone should be able to find an area they like. Definitely worth a look.