Files for oogaBooga (Mike Finley)

Puppies Are Cute v1.0

oogaBooga (Mike Finley) — Jun 03, 2004

Well it's been a long enough time. This thing has been done for a LOONG time, but apparently nobody ever plans to update archives, so I decided to stop holding my breath and just frickin' update it here. Merry christmas you screwheads!

Nine maps set in Inf. All texturesets used. I'm actually quite proud of these maps.


Note: I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING SOMETHING! Okay the readme is in there now.

ooga's Shroom Patch v1.0

oogaBooga (Mike Finley) — Feb 26, 2002

This is just a little bit of rubicon fun, and it supports all gametypes. The weapons have been sped up in almost all aspects, making netplay totally bitchin'. Especially with monsters on and on total carnage. Use the infinity app of rubicon instead of Rubicon AO. AO doesn't support netplay.

MMR: His Temporate Mind final

oogaBooga (Mike Finley) — Jan 20, 2002

This is probably one of the most successful MMR maps to date. For those of you who don't know what MMR is, it's Marathon Map Roulette. An activity in which 2 or more people get together on someones hotline server and take turns adding a set number of polygons to a map, and then pass it to the next person until it looks complete.

HTM supports all game types, and is aimed at much larger groups, like 4-8 players. Lava textureset w/night landscape


Me (ooga)
Nathan "Orion" Fulton


Hell Pfhor You Vidmaster Film v1.0

oogaBooga (Mike Finley) — Oct 08, 2001

This is me vidding my favorite Rubicon Vidmaster level, Hell Pfhor You. It contains two films:

Hell Pfhor Them: This is my vidmaster film, not much else to be explained. TC, most weapons used.
Quick'n'Dirty: A simple explanation for those who don't know how to lower the 'table' at the start of the level.

A more detailed readme can be found with the files.


Mobium v2.1

oogaBooga (Mike Finley) — Aug 28, 2001

There are 21 maps in this map pack, all of them Netmaps. They have been tested to make sure certain game types work, and I have fixed most errors, but as always if you find an error, email me.

Most of these are original, though there are a few that are not. The case being: Two are "Pain&Hate" remakes, a demo level (multiplayer) for Damage Incorporated.

Another unoriginal map is the Carnage Palace Deee-Luxe map, one which I personally went through and textured and lighted as close as possible to the original, and I think i've got it perfect.

The others are either completely new in all senses, or just inspired from other maps.

The following are maps that were supposed to come out for the Beyond Aurora project:
Kame House
Here Comes the Hotstepper
Novacane Hurricane
The Church of the Glistening Prongs of Tfear
All of these are mine, though some help was given by friends.


Green Dream v1.2

oogaBooga (Mike Finley) — Apr 04, 2001

GRRR!!! I'm so mad.. I was using I.E. and after doing EXTENSIVE descripting it crashed... I'm using netscape from now on.

Anyways— 10 maps. Here are their names(I ain't gonna write info on em, nuh-uh you can just find out for yourself this time:P) :

Complexity Scytho Martyr Desperado
Ambition 2
Fatum Iustum Stultorum Redux
Lepers in the Toilet Area
Prelude to Ferality
Squared Circle
a crazy concoction of colors
Reason with Your Mom[spork]

So come to your own conclusions:P

Thanks goes to:

Kame(for moral support)
Kira(for trying)
Doughnut(for fixing kira's mistakes:P)
Have Blue
Patient Zero
Jagermeister (i think)
ALSO MAUGLIR:) sorry i forgot the first time around

Ah well, I won't bore you with pointless facts.. Go. Vid. Wield superior firepower. Endure.