Files for ori

Kill Pfhor!Kill Anger! v4.2

ori — Jun 06, 2001

Kill Pfhor!Kill Anger! is a map designed to get rid of those angry built up feelings because you had a bad day or whatnot. Its just supposed to be a lot of pfhun, without having to think to much. There are a few different areas, and its mainly desingned for NetPlay but can be used as a single play just as well. Now heres a basic listing and brief explanation of the different areas-

Main exploadabob Chamber-
This area is full of assimilated bob and vacbobs for youre exploding pleasure. Blow 'em up, get hit by 'em and fly around, whatever you wanna do. One of my favorite sectors.

Lava Pool(to be filled)-
This is a large empty red bin to begin with, but can become quite dangerous when you play with buttons...

Target Range-
In this area there are several dormant drones that await whatever you have in store for them.

Hardcore Pfhor room-
In here youll find a very excited warrior who may be a bit more of a challenge that usual, but fun to go head-to-head with.

This is a net area mostly, for running around on the hills and capturing the top.

Talk to Trashcans v1.0

ori — Jun 06, 2001

This is a map that can be used to enable talking to scenery or things like that that are standing against a wall. This technique doesnt use shapes files, but if using shapes is all right with you i suggeset checking out chris komaki's MKT tutorial so you can put invisible terminals anywhere

Lightning v1.0

ori — Jun 06, 2001

This map has a light effect with a statleless cycle through differently timed short flashes of light with long periods of darkness in between, and thunder sounds timed with the lightning. For use as a model for whatever you wanna do with it.