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EVIL Hi-Res Textures v1.0

Roy Neary — Feb 13, 2006

Read this CAREFULLY! You must be able to technically handle using these files. I cannot babysit you.

These are hi-res textures for EVIL when you run it using Aleph One. They are just the textures that are specifically for EVIL, plus a couple of extra ones that I modified myself for general use. What you get in this package is the textures to replace the custom EVIL textures, and a few new Jjaro textures. I have left all the textures in their proper folders. I have included the modified scripts necessary for gameplay.

The simple thing for a large guy like you to do would be to do this: Duplicate the excellent "Hi-Res Texture Set" for Aleph One that is posted here on FileBall. You are using it, right? If not then why bother playing Marathon at all? Why would you play without hi-res textures unless you were on a machine from the Dark Ages of men? Next you will copy the EVIL stuff that I have uploaded into the proper folders, and these will replace some of the textures that are already there. Then you will put the whole thing into your EVIL Aleph One folder, along with the modified scripts.

I am sure all the people on this site are smart enough to figure all this out so I cannot write a big long read me. I made some of these textures myself, but most of them are just modifications of other textures. Most are 256x256 but some are 512x512.

If you do not like my work, I do not care. I made these for me, and they have made my EVIL fun a lot more fun. I think these textures are great and they make EVIL greater than it is already. Everything looks nice and clean. I still have some I need to do like the real strange transparent things but maybe someday other than this one.

I am especially proud of Jjaro Texture #17. It took me four hours to do that one because I ran out of vodka.


Copyright 1997 in whole or in part Bungie Software Productions Corporation and the EVIL Group.

The King Always Wins 2.2

Roy Neary — Jan 20, 2006


The ancient ruins of Castle N'hol are built upon the water carved tunnels of N'hol, now run dry save for a few subterranean streams and lakes. This impenetrable fortress is your arena. Fight Each other to the death in all out combat, or define teams and defend the castle in a siege warfare.

This map was made by Nick von Beroldingen and like the other map I just sent, this map is too good to be forgotten. It is one of the most incredible network maps I have every played and it is for Marathon: EVIL!

It is a giant castle that is so large and so vast and so well architectured that it seems real. There are secrets all over and throne rooms and everything you would expect from a giant castle. Castle N'hol would be a really great map to make a solo from but with a bunch of large guys it will be a very fun network map.

Use the hi-res textures because I do and I have made some of my own EVIL textures too.

ALSO SPECIAL NOTES! This map has three different versions in it! One is normal, with a physics model inside and lots of aliens. The other version has no physics model, and lots of aliens. The last one has no physics model and no aliens at all. None. Many ways to play!

This map maker has done things that are incredible even after all these year have gone by. The map is very very big.

Thank you and I do not speak English well so if I sound funny do not laugh or I will see you in the Castle.

Dr'Kurr Station for Marathon: EVIL v1.0

Roy Neary — Jan 20, 2006

A very vast and architectured excellent net map for EVIL that has been dedicated to FrigidMan. It is a very beautiful facility created by 16 year-old Liam Coonan. I have uploaded this map because it did not seem right to me that something this good should be forgotten. This map should be played with at least four people because it is extremely large and complicated.

However it is also very good for long hide and seek games with only one other person. It is designed very well and looks good and you should be using the high-res textures for this because I do. I made some of my own textures for EVIL as well and they replace things that the hi-res set does not.

If someone were really smart they would make a solo from Dr'Kurr Station because it is big enough to do it with and it would be great.

Thank you everyone.