Files for samk

Thogzone v1.0

samk — Sep 10, 2005

One middle/large size network map for AO (may work in oo, but this is untested) There are some minor bugs here and there I can't seem to find a way of fixing, but I've played games with this map and they don't seem to interfere with the play. Also, watch out for secrets!

Nos/Lunar v1.1

samk — Sep 17, 2004

Two small net maps for MI/A1.

nosferatu v1.1

samk — Oct 28, 2003

Added two maps, making this a "netpack". I have also decided to just add the new maps I make to this one map file, instead of posting them on fireball separately.

Sorry about before when I said "supports all competitive games types", I forgot about the new ones in A1 : /