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Marathon Infinity Theme (House Remix) v1.0

Sandman — Aug 22, 2001

Marathon Infinity Theme - House Remix
Original track by Power of Seven (
Remix by Sandman

I originally did a breakbeat/dub remix of the Marathon Infinity Theme that was posted on the Lh'owon Ar'kives Marathon archive a while back. Although the song got a fair amount of downloads, I received many complaints and low ratings commenting on the fact that it was too repetative. I also personally felt that the breakbeat didn't match the song very well, and altogether it wasn't the remix that the Marathon Infinity Theme deserved.

To compensate for my first poorly-made remix of this song, I designed another, more interesting House track that was both dancy and good for Marathon games. With a slower beat and much more variety, I now feel that this is the remix I should have originally released.

It's fun to play this song either for dance music or in Marathon games - I find both work pretty well. Have fun.

- Sandman (

You may distribute this track, but only in its unmodified form along with the ReadMe.

Marathon Infinity-Theme Remix v1.0

Sandman — May 26, 2001

Original Marathon Infinity Theme created by Power of Seven (Bungie)
Remix by Sandman (DJ Malek)
A thundering breakbeat remix of Power of Seven's Marathon Infinity Theme with heavy bass drums and fast acid synths.

The original Marathon Infinity Theme with its unique electronic sounds and beats inspired me into creating a full-length eight minute remix. So here it is, eight minutes of pure thrashing break-beats, bass drums, and acid.

This song works well when playing Marathon - just leave your MP3 player running in the background while you blast away approaching aliens with your assault riffle. It's awesome to play netgames to this music as well.

Have fun!
- Sandman (DJ Malek)

You may distribute this file, but only if proper credit is given and the file is used only in its original StuffIt (.sit) format along with this included ReadMe and the unaltered MP3 file.