Files for Scott Noblitt

A Tad Extra Lh'owon v1.0

Scott Noblitt — Aug 31, 2005

This pack consists of two netmaps.

The first one, "The Map with no Name," fits up to 8 players. It was originally released in the scenario "Marathon: Jigsaw," but is being re-released now as a very slightly modified version.

The second map, "Jjaro Station 77," is a new map. It is quasi-arena-style, but lacks the enourmous areas for manuveuring often found in those maps. The map only fits up to 6 players.

Both maps should provide ample fun for all game types other than co-operative. Some Pfhor opponents spawn from time-to-time just to spice up players running around in solo mode, but if you don't want them in netplay simply turn off aliens.

Note that this pack should work in both Infinity and Aleph One. If you only have Marathon 2, the first should work, but the second will cause you to crash.

Happy netplay!

Escape!! 2 1.0.1

Scott Noblitt — Aug 04, 2002

A seven-level solo campaign, built as a sequel to the author's previous 'Escape!' map. Heavily puzzle-based; find a switch, figure out what's new, repeat. Oh... except that you need to keep your eyes open for all the stuff trying to kill you. (And that's a lot of stuff.) Adrenaline is definitely on, here... This works with M2, Infinity, Aleph One, and Aleph One SDL.

Voyager 7 v1.0

Scott Noblitt — Dec 28, 2001

This was my submission for the Simplici7y contest, so it only has seven polygons.

It's a vacuum netmap which might be fun for two to four players.

Unfortunately, there are far better netmaps out there. Still, if you're on a slow network, playing phoneline or IP netgames, or want high carnage rates with your small group, then this level may just be for you.

Have fun!

Scott Noblitt

Don't Disturb the King v1.0

Scott Noblitt — Dec 22, 2001

Don't Disturb the King is a Marathon 2 netmap I whipped up during Thanksgiving Break. While creating it, I din't pay much attention to gameplay. Instead, I focused on making a playable King of the Hill map which utilized both floating polygons and on/off teleporters.

The resulting map is quasi-playable. For King of the Hill, the map works fine. Unfortunately, other game types suffer dramatically from this emphasis. Don't get me wrong, it's far from unplayable. Just don't expect it to be the most thrilling map you've ever played.

However, if you really enjoy King of the Hill play and don't mind playing vacuum net levels, then this level should give you a surprising amount of enjoyment with its twist on the game - protecting yourself from incoming teleporters by flipping a switch.

One last note - I'd recommend downloading this even if you don't intend on playing it much. It's worth the look just to see the incredible application of floating polys with three viewable over-under textures. Yes, that was bragging, but you really should take a look. Oh, and please rate this map. I've found the rating system to be a very informative and effective tool. Unfortunately, few people use it.

Thanks for reading this,

Scott Noblitt

HB vs. SN Films v1.0

Scott Noblitt — Jul 31, 2001

These are three network films between Mark Levin and me. To seemingly everyone's surprise, we played the net games over the internet with NetLink (yes, it is possible.)

They are kind of fun to watch because all of them are good games, with several leader switches and good moves.

Oh, and they don't require and 3rd party maps, as they all use the standard Infinity "map" file.

Escape!! v1.01

Scott Noblitt — May 04, 2001

Orbital Arm wrote -
Escape is a 7 level scenario set after the events depicted in Marathon 2. Featuring large, complex maps and a detailed storyline, this one will keep you busy for hours. The map design is impressive, with huge, twisting, complex levels. The puzzles are difficult, yet not frustrating; exploration keeps the player from frustration, and there is always something new to see. The levels are filled with scenery and visual ambiance. A must have!

The game features some of the largest, most complex maps ever seen in W95 Marathon 2, so have fun. Also, some new PICTs should help liven the terminals.

Download is in .ZIP format.

Some More Lh'owon v1.1

Scott Noblitt — Mar 18, 2001

Some More Lh'owon is the 13-level sequel to my Levels of Lh'owon netpack. All types of gameplay and games of up to 8 players are supported, although some combinations of games and number of players work better than others.

All of the texture sets and weapons are used. They've been designed with Marathon 2 in mind, but work with Infinity too. Also, aliens are included, so disable them if you don't want them.

The Stadium v1.0

Scott Noblitt — Jan 31, 2000

Originally released as part of the Some More Lh'owon, this level has been slightly modified (and retextured with Tempus Irae textures), but it is still a blast to play. Reminiscent of a classic M1 net level, Circular Death... gameplay is fast and furious. Try it out with more than 3... carnage rates will go through the roof!

Better Lighting v1.0

Scott Noblitt — Dec 26, 1999

In the hopes of increasing the overall lighting quality of released maps, the author has created three preset collections of lights, allowing for more variability in level lighting. The enclosed example map also shows how to use some of these. If folks actually take the time to learn the basics of lighting, levels will look much more realistic. This small package can help.

Levels of Lh'owon v3.1

Scott Noblitt — Nov 10, 1999

Claude wrote:
35 levels, almost all quite good. A surprisingly wide range of play... there are arena-type maps, tight, twisty corridor-type maps, novelty maps... with great texture choices, good weapons placement (geared towards 3-4 players, but they should accomodate the full range without too much trouble), thoughtful flow. Designed for M2, but most look okay in in infinity, as well. There's quite a bit of skill shown here... on several levels, heading carelessly for weapons will kill you. (This is a fun net technique-it tends to favor those who look where they're going over those who blindly run for the SPNKR...) Have a blast... Version 3.0 adds 7 new levels over the last one, and tweaks many (most?) maps for better gameplay and aesthetics. Version 3.1 adds no new levels, but fixes a few glitches, tweaks many levels for improved play, and (most importantly) puts serious effort into lighting... with wonderful effects. Check it out!

He sums it up well, as usual. While not as impressive as "Some More Lh'owon", but second netpack, it's still worth playing.

Escape!! v1.01

Scott Noblitt — Oct 14, 1999

Claude wrote:
A 7-level solo scenario, based nearly entirely on a pfhor prison ship. Your job is to, well, escape. (And free a bunch of other bobs, and an AI or so, in the process.) The fighting starts slow, which is good, since weapons are sparse. It quickly gets up to speed, though, so don't get lazy... I guess my biggest complaint (outside of 6 straight levels of Pfhor textures, which is enough to make anybody blind) is the angularity of the maps. Pfhor levels, for me, have always been somewhat organic... curves, and weird shapes. There are lots and lots and lots of square rooms here. Gameplay is good, though, and the storyline is engaging... definitely worth a play. You'll get seriously lost on It's Hidin' Time, I warn you...)

He sums it up fairly well. Note that there are only 5 Pfhor levels, not 6.

Simple Bypassing Levels in Coop Tutorial v1.0

Scott Noblitt — Apr 20, 1999

A set of techniques useable by mapmakers attempting to force coop players to bypass areas that solo players need to pass through. Simple, clearly explained, these have some limitations (spelled out in the tutorial), but should work quite well regardless. They are far simpler than either Coop-Only Level Bypass Demo or Counter Revolutionary, both to build, and to use. The platform tags mentioned are the Pfhorte versions, since that's what the author uses. Yet another cool tool to extend the marathon experience...