Files for Shadowbreaker

The 9 Arenas.Sigma v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Jun 08, 2006

Not totally new, but still retextured to take advantage of the new textures, weapons, and what not.

Blood Jjaro v1.0

Shadowbreaker — May 08, 2006

3 maps. 21 polygons. Do the math. 3 different versions of the same map.

Lethal Lava v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Jan 23, 2006

The the script that makess lava more natural... yow!

Rock the Boat v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Jan 22, 2006

The fusion shot is charging at you. You look at it. The stinging felling of it hitting you armor petrifies you slightly. Another shot- you sidestep and then your vision goes a horrid orange...

Renovated by scrumie- comes with its own mml that makes lava work 100x faster.

Ghost of 7's v0.9

Shadowbreaker — Jan 20, 2006

21 more polygons of my zany and small maps. Unfortunately, they were made in obed, and unfortunately, un renovatable by forge. So they retain their problems. But as my skills with obed get better, my maps do also improve.

They are called Please Register, so the first one is called Paratrooper, then Ecomatics, then Clock Unwise.

Sun Circle v1.2

Shadowbreaker — Jan 15, 2006

For every hiatus of mine, I've decided to make 1 map for. I've faced 2 of them, and now coming up is my 3rd, final, and longest one. 1/2 a year long. But that'll give you time to enjoy the map! So download and your ready to go.

Molecule Land v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Dec 21, 2005

An extremely bug proned ctf and a moderately good emfh in one package!

Shadow vs the Drones v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 26, 2005

me vs my own lvl- done on waterpark 1.4 on the lvl underwaterena

Legacy vs Shadow v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 24, 2005

me vs legacy? who knows watll happen

Turning Up v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 24, 2005

An obstacle cousre like eltwixxo wen he posts them

Underwater Physics v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 21, 2005

pyshics from waterpark

Scrumie vs Moppy Puppy v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 21, 2005

Who won this game? Who knows? Who cares? made by eltiwxxo (although he now has his own account (scrumie))

Scrumtacular Maps v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 19, 2005

made by eltwixxo

Interesting Rubicon maps v1.1

Shadowbreaker — Sep 19, 2005

Well- tryed postin it b4 but it didnt quite work out- but here it is!

Cosmic Blue v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 19, 2005

Bout time this was posted . its got all the guns

The 9 Arenas v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 18, 2005


Three More Arenas v1.1

Shadowbreaker — Sep 18, 2005

Go crazy

Surfin Sewer v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 17, 2005

A partly submerged obstacle course race track! btw i dont care if u like make somethin better than this- it was a test!

3 other arenas v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 16, 2005

I know- 4 maps for 3 arenas? - 2 of them count as one- bein the same map

Waterpark v1.4

Shadowbreaker — Sep 08, 2005


The three Arenas v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Sep 05, 2005

3 arenas damnit read the name

Waterpark v1.0.1

Shadowbreaker — Sep 03, 2005

Splashes, waterfalls, scuba, and all the underwater action u could ever need! That is... until the new versions come out.

Middle School Replica v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Aug 07, 2005

A big map based on eltwixxos (scrumie) middle school- its missing a few details- but he'll add them eventually. Enjoy- the date is an estimate- i dont know when it was really created- but i think it was june 1st

Blood of 7's v1.0

Shadowbreaker — Jul 30, 2005

Urg, Webbed x, and Monoliths- the 3 7 polygon maps