Files for Shadowfury333

A1 Promotional video v1.0

Shadowfury333 — Dec 13, 2005

This is a promotional video I recently made for Aleph One. The entire film is made in Director, including the gameplay scenes. I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: for space reason, this is a .divx file

Warning Labels v1.0

Shadowfury333 — Nov 14, 2005

This is my second mappack, my first being Duel & Duality. Unlike my first, this pack does not have any 5-d. This mappack has each map specializing in different groups of weapons.
As such, for all but one map(the first) the magnum has been replaced by another starting weapon through LUA scripting. If you are going to host maps 2 through 4, please use the LUA provided, so that you get the experience I intended.

AlephOne Infinity Theme Music v1.0

Shadowfury333 — Oct 28, 2005

This short (6 lines, including comments) MML will allow A1 to play Marathon Infinity's theme music. Included is the Music in mp3 format, so that all platforms should be able to play it.

NOTE: this script works for Marathon 2 as well, but I couldn't make a good mp3 of the music, so if anyone else wants to, please do.

Correct Contrails v1.0

Shadowfury333 — Oct 21, 2005

This MML will add working semitransparent contrails for SPNKr SSMs and AR grenades. It also features semitransparent blood and liquid splashes

NOTE: recommended to be used with Total Texture Enhancement or any other MML that gives semitransparent liquids.

INSTALLATION: Place into AlephOne/Scripts/ on Mac OS X, or AlephOne\\MML\\ on Windows.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: the M1A1 team from which I got the base code idea.

Duel & Duality v1.0

Shadowfury333 — Apr 22, 2005


Your enemy
In the same room
In another world

Seeing an opening
Moving forward
Running back
The everpresent circle of death


For those who are bad with Jjaro-style poetry. This is a new 5D netmap. Each level has a light and dark world. As with all 5D levels, they occupy the same physical space, but you're really only in one at a time.
As for the levels contained, Two doors is a small feeling level for 2-4 players. Pimples in Space-Time is a larger level which will play well for 4-8 players.

Aleph Rubicon v1.0

Shadowfury333 — Apr 07, 2005

This will let you play Marathon Rubicon using the newest version of Aleph One(not NIBS, just Carbon).

NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS: This may work, no guarantees, in order for it to work, you must use a Windows version of Aleph One.

NOTE: when you start up, it will give an error about Physics Models, hit "OK" and don't worry about it.

Aleph EVIL v1.0

Shadowfury333 — Apr 01, 2005

This is the entire application, data, and scripts required to run Marathon EVIL with Aleph One.

NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS: This may work, no guarantees. In order for it to work, you must use a Windows version of Aleph One.

Aleph RED v1.1

Shadowfury333 — Mar 17, 2005

All the files and scripts required to run Marathon:RED on Aleph One. I have also included Jerkcity 1.5 free of charge.

Changelog: NET Physics file removed, it was causing problems with Aleph One.

NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS: This may work, no guarantees. In order for this to work, you must use a Windows verison of A1.