Files for shag

PF Map v1.2 v1.2

shag — Dec 14, 2004

Due to a rather stupid error I made, it is not possible to play through the entire Phoenix Falling v1.1 without skipping a level. The interior gate in the level "Sacking of Troy" does not work.

Here is the fix. This is simply an updated version of the Map file. It fixes the above bug, plus a few other enhancements listed in the readme file.

Phoenix Falling v1.1

shag — Nov 29, 2004

Phoenix Falling is a large scenario of 44 levels (48 with secret levels and one network level). It is large and expansive and should be tons of fun to play. The original release had good reviews and this one fixes many bugs and makes it a generally better game.

Phoenix Falling v1.0 installer v1.0

shag — Jul 28, 2004

A new scenario for an old, but classic, game. Phoenix Falling is set in an universe completely new and has no ties with the marathon storyline. The player will traverse 44 levels, using all new weapons, and encountering strange new things; all while trying to uncover an ancient secret of the New Phoenix colony. A new and improved version will be released shortly but here is the original release version for those who can't wait or just want a taste.