Files for Sylvain

Sylvain's Netmaps v1.0

Sylvain — Jan 12, 2002

5 levels, created a couple of years ago by a mapmaker who disappeared off the net. These are being released by his primary beta tester, under the assumption that it's a crime to waste good Marathon levels. (And good they are - most have an organic feel, with lots of curves, and a huge amount of vertical complexity.) Some funky physics stuff on some of the maps - but generally, very nice (large) maps for bigger groups.

Frame Example

Sylvain — Aug 12, 1999

A very nice example of a technique first showcased in "the Battle Cat's World Tour Netpak" - Multiple textures on a single wall. Framing might just be one of the best uses of this technique to come to light so far.


Sylvain — Feb 03, 1999

Strange. Weird. Author's Read Me calls out Ticks & Blood and 3-D portals, huh? Saw a tick, looks like those singing/whistling flying uglys to this player. No terms, no saves, no nothing, nada, zip. But the Map in itself is laid out well. On Total Carnage you can almost kill yourself firing that little old .44 at the tick. Whas happening Sylvain?

Real Houses v2.0

Sylvain — Feb 03, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.