Files for Tilo Probst

Rubicon-Xariim v1.0

Tilo Probst — Sep 20, 2002

"Rubicon-Xariim" now in .sit format !

"Marathon:Rubicon-Xariim" is a one year work of mine. It is a scenario for Marathon:Rubicon providing 14 solo levels with story line and terminal graphics. Also included is a SoloCarnage/1on1Network level.

"Rubicon-Xariim" features all of Rubicon`s textures, most of the monsters and weapons.

Jane Davison did the betatesting and terminal grammar check. Christopher Lund helped me solving some map making problems.

Tilo's Second Solo Map 1.0

Tilo Probst — Jan 12, 2002

A relatively short romp through an alien spaceship. No oxygen (but a couple of rechargers), plenty of ammo for the targets at hand. Get to the end. Pretty straightforward - only one place gave me a little trouble (because I was careless). Worth the download, if only to play some new stuff for a bit.