Files for Blake37 (Alex Makuch)

Let's see if this works... v1.0

Blake37 (Alex Makuch) — Jun 12, 2006

My newest map after a long break that occured because of school. I worked extra hard on the lighting, so maybe it's even good =) Let me know what you think, feed-back is always good.

Sound pack v1.0

Blake37 (Alex Makuch) — Aug 29, 2005

This is the first installment of my sound enhancment project. This projects goal is to give senario and map makers, as well as anyone who wants to change their sound file, stuff to put in. This package contains mostly BOB sounds (done by yours truly, I can't talk too well right now) and also has a few ambiant sounds. These are all orginal pieces of work, done by me. Look for future packages with more powerful weapon sounds, more ambiant sounds, and other coolness!

Exhibit a v1.0

Blake37 (Alex Makuch) — Aug 07, 2005

A nifty arena style map for some rocket warfair. Also has some 5D space with shotguns in it. My second map subbmitted to the internet.

The Ty-D-Bol v1.2

Blake37 (Alex Makuch) — Jul 30, 2005

A giant toilet that you can swim around in and even go into the tank. The Flush handle is also a rocket sniper ledge, and has a switch to flush the toilet.

V1.1 More guns/ammo and you can get out of the water at all times.

V1.2 Textured the side of that platform.