Files for W'rkncacnter

CTF SDK v1.0

W'rkncacnter — Jul 06, 2006

This download contains instructions on how to make dual textured CTF maps (so that you can have red and blue bases), the shapes file to use with Forge, and a texturing script. To make a good CTF map, you almost have to make distinct Red and Blue bases so that players don't get confused. If you plan on making CTF maps, this download will help you out a lot.

Because using Chisel isn't real easy, I have decided to put this SDK together to make it easier for people to create CTF maps. The readme explains everything you need to know for creating maps with lava and water textures.

The file is a .sit file, so that the filetypes are remain correct. This download does not include Forge or Chisel. The link to Chisel can be found in the readme included.

Good luck mapping!

Hell If I Know v1.2

W'rkncacnter — May 21, 2006

This is a CTF map pack containing six maps. Every map should be used with the CTF(lua) script. The readme has a short description of each map.

Changes in v 1.2

- Replaced an unbalanced map with a new one.
- Updated it to work with CTF v3.0

Changes in v 1.1

- Made it so that you can view the map in single player without running the script.
- Changed to a zip file to make it easier for non mac people to uncompress the file.

Sinister Boiler v1.0

W'rkncacnter — Feb 21, 2006

This is a CTF map I made for the lua version of CTF that I released. It works fairly well with 4 players, but it's even more fun with more. This map should be used with the CTF lua script which can be found here: Enjoy!

CTF(Lua) 3.0 v3.0

W'rkncacnter — Feb 15, 2006

This is a lua version of Capture the Flag for Aleph One. Since Aleph One's built-in CTF was complicated to make maps for/host, and it wasn't fun, I decided to make this CTF script with lua. There are 2 teams, each with a flag. The goal is to capture the other team's flag and bring it back to your own base. There are several reasons why this lua script is better than Aleph One's built-in CTF (being able to run with flag), so I hope you enjoy it.

Version 3.0 takes advantage of some bug fixes in the new build of Aleph One so that it can be used with the built in CTF mode. This way, the end game screen shows captures properly. It also shows regular carnage. I'd strongly recommend downloading version 3.0.

Please Note: This CTF script will ONLY work with the new version of Aleph One! (7/1/06). The readme will explain how to play the game, how to host a game, and how to create maps for CTF.

v2.2 includes some pretty cool new/improved features that were added by Jon Irons. Thanks Irons for updates and writing the readme!

Changes in v3.0:
-You MUST use Aleph One v0.16.2 (7/1) or later to use this script.
-Games will now be hosted with the Capture the Flag gametype, not EMFH.
-Maps created for this version MUST be checked for both "EMFH" and "Kill the man with the Ball"
-Health is now shown next to teammate's names when looking at them.
-Because this version makes use of the built in CTF mode, the post game report shows flags correctly. It also now shows the regular carnage screen.

Changes in v2.2:
-HUD cleaned up; flag status for each team is represented by an icon instead of a text message.
-When looking at a team mate, that team mate's name appears in the HUD.
-Readme is now in HTML format for easier browsing.
-Added a user friendly message if you don't host a valid CTF map.

Stair Fortress v1.3

W'rkncacnter — Aug 30, 2005

Stair Fortress is a map that has many different staircases leading to a central area that is sort of walled off from the surrounding area. It should make a good EMFH and KOTH map with 4 or more people.

Version 1.2 changes 2 things. First the lighting in the first map wasn't so great, so I almost completely re-did the lighting. I also made some slight changes to some item placements.

Version 1.3 adds a step to each window from the main inside area so that you can jump out of them. It also widens the steps in one area.