Files for Map Roulettes Map Roulette: Devil's Haircut v1.0 Map Roulettes — Apr 16, 2001

I can't believe this took 6 hours:)

It's a lava/nighttime arena with various ups and downs, with neato split poly fx and lava, lighting... the works. Baddies are included, and plenty of ammo for almost any group.


Joe Mahama

Roulettes rock! This is an open activity so anyone can join. We usually go on pete's server, but plan it on hotline ( Ask someone for the guest account so you have chat privs.

Happy hunting!


Note from Kira-Baka:

To get Hotline, (the prog needed to goto the server) goto:

Roulette Pack One v1.0 Map Roulettes — Apr 14, 2001

This Pack was created by ooga├čooga and Kira-Baka.

Two small maps. If anyone would like to join our little group, simply email any one of us. (though your best bet would be to contact ooga, he's on most of the time:) )