Files for Captain Kewl

M1.utx with Hi Res Pfhor Textures v1.0

Captain Kewl — Dec 09, 2005

M1.utx with Hi Res Pfhor Textures. Should be reverse compatible, though any existing Pfhor texturing may need to be resized.

Mjolnir Skin SDK v1.0

Captain Kewl — Mar 21, 2002

This package contains a model, UV mapping, and sample skin for use in creating new skins for Marathon: Resurrection.

You may not reproduce and distribute copies of Marathon: Resurrection without the express consent of the author or Team Unpfhorgiven.

ULynx v1.0

Captain Kewl — Oct 04, 2001

ULynx is the world's first UWindows-based Web Browser. Visit your favorite website without leaving the comfort of Unreal Tournament.

ULynx Home Page

King of the Hill (KOTH2) v.010203

Captain Kewl — Jul 25, 2001

King of the Hill originated as a network gametype for the Marathon series by Bungie. Unlike the Unreal KOTH, the object of the Marathon KOTH is to stand on an actual "hill" -- that is, a designated area -- somewhere on the map. The winner is whomever manages to stay on the hill the longest.

The original KOTH mod for Unreal and KOTH2 for Unreal Tournament were written by Patrick "GorGor" Cyr. Current iteration maintained by Jason Yu. KOTH2 requires KOTH-specific maps which may be obtained from Frogblast: The Ventcore Project.

KOTH2 Website