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Killer Weaponry v1.0

chinkeeyong — Dec 30, 2005

KILLER WEAPONRY is an EVEN WACKIER physics model than Carnage, and improves all the weapons. Here's what to expect...

-Dual Rail Guns!
-Acid Rifle!
-Laser Sights!
-Highly accurate Rapid-Fire Cannons!
-Nothing! (just kidding)

UPDATE:The readme is wrong. The assault rifle works underwater UNLESS you unzip it with Stuffit Expander 9 and under. The missile launcher works underwater!

Carnage v1.0

chinkeeyong — Dec 06, 2005

Carnage is a really wacky physics model that changes all the weapons. All the weapon changes are in the readme, and the readme is in both rich text format and plain text format so everyone can join in the fun!