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Chips v1.0.1

Al Spaceman — Feb 23, 2002

Chips is a netpak with three smallish, flowish levels:

Don't Forget to Salt the Fries
Open architecture coupled with corridors along the northern periphery make this level a mixed combat experience. A raised platform overlooking the hill provides death from above, or in-air frags...

Aero +
This level is something of a re-release of the critically acclaimed "super stunt" map, Aero. Certain architectural elements have been fine tuned for improved aesthetics and flow, and the completely useless column lift in the water has been removed and good riddance'd.

map with lots of dark, cramped corridors for some good, old-fashioned indoor combat. The lights do NOT flicker in unison (I can't pimp this enough!). You'll probably do better with a pair of shotguns instead of a SPNKR.

None of these levels contain the fusion gun or any .44 ammo.

Chips is not to be confused with "Chips??" by Jack Coyle.

Aero 1.0

Al Spaceman — Jan 02, 2001

This is a small netmap for Marathon Infinity, best suited for two players, three at most (it has only been tested by two players). Its architecture has been designed so that players can perform cool stunts and jumps so some different skills come in handy; not just who aims better. I've included all weapons except for the .44 (didn't find it necessary) and the fusion gun (the fusion gun is boring).

Aero won the Map of the Month award for January 2001 at