Marathon: Istoria Extras


There are different resolution landscape plugins available depending on what your computer can handle, and your preferences.

8K landscapes


If you have a dedicated graphics card and a decent amount of RAM, you can probably handle the 8K landscapes. I'm not sure what the minimum requirements are, but they are large enough that some people may not be able to use them.

8K cropped landscapes


Probably not useful to many people. These are 8K resolution, but smaller than the regular 8K landscapes by cropping the top and bottom. This only works if you use the default FOV of 80. If you use the standard FOV and the regular 8K landscapes are too large for your computer to handle, you can give this a try.

4K landscapes

These are the landscapes you get by default when you download the game.

Standard resolution full color landscapes


If you like the low resolution you'd get from using no landscape plugin at all, but want more than 256 colors, use this plugin. It will end up looking a lot better by using the full set of colors, and should work for just about everyone.